Friday, June 22, 2018
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Koh Young Inspection Technology Truck Tour Roaring Through the U.S. Southwest

Koh Young’s award-winning patented 3D inspection technology hit the road in a specially-designed truck and trailer combination right after APEX 2013, and has since been making stops at key manufacturing locations as part of it 2013 whirlwind Truck Tour of the United States. From San Diego, the tour went across the southwest, visiting Chandler, Arizona, the U.S. Headquarters for inspection leader Koh Young. The first visit and event was in Mesa, Arizona, near Chandler and Phoenix; other stops included Denver, Colorado, El Paso, Texas, and then Houston.

At every visit, “The show has been packed,” relates Bill Astle, General Manager of Koh Young America. “Our Zenith AOI system is a big hit. But equally popular is our aSPIre solder paste inspection system, particularly when we show them our new closed-loop interface, that communicates directly with their solder paste printer to make offset corrections automatically.” The tour is FREE to anyone who registers (online) and can visit the van at one of its stops.

The tour brings the best that 3D inspection technology leader Koh Young has to offer in SPI and AOI systems to 25 States throughout the continental United States for a span of 90 days. The tour involves more than 60 hands-on equipment demonstration locations or ‘whistle stops’, designed to make it easier and more convenient for engineers across the continent to experience Koh Young equipment first-hand.

The truck and trailer combination is a specially-designed exhibition platform, which expands to create a roomy environment with adequate space to allow people to move freely around the machines and examine them. The machines are operating and actively demonstrating their capabilities. The systems in the exhibition van represent the range of Koh Young’s unique technologies; the flagship SPI system ASPIre2, and the award-winning 3D AOI Zenith system:

The next stops on the tour include sites in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. For more information, as well as the opportunity to sign up to visit the exhibit on tour at a nearby location, visit

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