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Publication Date: 05/1/2012
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Aven: Magnifying Lamps with UV/Bright LEDs
Fully-adjustable magnifying lamps.
Ann Arbor, MI — High-intensity illumination and extra enlargement capability from a spot lens distinguish two new ProVue Touch LED Magnifying Lamps for engineering, fabrication, laboratory and quality control applications, being introduced by Aven. The lamps brighten work areas with shadow-free lighting from 108 LEDs, while the advanced ProVue Touch Dual LED Magnifying Lamp adds 72 ultraviolet LEDs to the 108 white diodes.

A 7-in. (178mm) 1.75x lens (3 diopter) is supplemented by a 2.25x spot lens (5 diopter) to provide higher magnification for detailed circuit board assembly, electronics repair, parts inspection, medical use and lab work.

The ProVue Touch Dual with UV lighting is suited for forensic analysis, such as detecting fraudulent identification and currency, analyzing minerals, biological studies and other tasks requiring high contrast in bright settings. Certain materials flow or fluoresce under UV examination. The ProVue Touch Dual can quickly switch between UV and White LEDs with two separate touch-sensitive switches.

A touch-sensitive switch allows three-stage intensity control of the magnifying lamps. A spring-balanced arm extends 35 inches and remains fixed in any position for hands-free magnification. ProVue Touch Magnifying Lamps operate at 110 or 220VAC. Its patented design incorporates a white ABS plastic housing and enclosed springs for a sleek, contemporary appearance. A heavy-duty metal clamp secures the lamp to the edge of a workbench, desktop, table or counter up to 3.5-in. (89mm) thick.

Though a protective lens cover reduces damage risk, the lens is removable if replacement is needed. Energy-saving LED technology provides distortion-free clarity without glare, hot spots or color degradation. The industrial-quality LED Magnifying Lamps support electronics fabrication technicians, life science researchers, educators, dermatologists and other professionals.

The lamps also assist nail technicians, artists, jewelers, watchmakers, collectible appraisers, woodworkers, needle workers, fishing fly-tiers, rare book dealers or librarians, collectors of small objects and other hobbyists.

Contact: Aven, Inc., 4595 Platt Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108 734-973-0099 fax: 734-973-0097 Web:

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