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Publication Date: 05/1/2012
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Magid Intros Premier Rubber Insulating Gloves

Chicago, IL — Magid Glove & Safety has introduced A.R.C. Rubber Insulating Gloves offering high dielectric properties, increased durability, flexibility and physical strength. The new gloves are available in a variety of configurations including Class 00, Class 0, Class 1 and Class 2; 11, 14, and ...Read More
Microtips Intros Standard CPU/MPU Interface TFT LCDs

Orlando, FL — Microtips Technology has introduced a wide range of fully featured standard TFT modules with CPU/MPU bus interface mode. New CPU 6800 and 8080 mode interfaces offer standard interface solutions to simplify design challenges. The TFT LCD modules are available in a wide selection of sizes ...Read More
Multitest: Quad-Site MEMS Applications

Rosenheim, Germany — Multitest has expanded its MEMS portfolio to pick-and-place applications with the introduction of its test and calibration cart for the MT9510.Read More
Metal-Cased, Wand-Style Photodetector from Newport

Irvine, CA — New from Newport are two new wand-style photodetectors, the 818-ST2 and 818-ST2-UV. Both units are based on earlier models, however, new protective aluminum housings provide exceptional protection for the internal optics, and reduce the potential of damage from heat.
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Onanon: OEM Connectors with Embedded Electronics

Milpitas, CA — Onanon is making its embedded electronics connector technology available to all OEM application markets. The company first introduced the use of PC boards as connector pin substrates 32 years ago. It has been building electronic circuits into connectors for most of this time. Embedded ...Read More
New Self-Clinching Thru-hole Standoffs from PEM

Danboro, PA — New from PennEngineering are self-clinching thru-hole unthreaded standoff fasteners that provide exact spacing between two panels in an assembly. These fasteners install permanently and securely in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum sheets as thin as 0.040-in. (1mm) to achieve specified ...Read More
Phihong Intros 50W 4-Channel AC-DC LED Driver

Fremont, CA — Phihong USA has developed a new series of multi-channel drivers for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. According to the company, the drivers can be used for linear fluorescent replacements in existing lighting, as well as for OEM applications. Read More
Polyonics Intros Static Dissipative Tapes

Westmoreland, NH — New from Polyonics, ESD HardCoat tapes and films incorporate proven coating technology that provides a high level of abrasion and chemical resistance along with ESD protection. The unusual coating, when applied to polyimide and polyester tapes and films, allows electrostatic ...Read More
PSU Intros DIN-RAIL Power Supplies

Wrentham, MA — Power Sources Unlimited, Inc. has introduced its TSP Series DIN Rail power supply. The supply provides output power from 90 to 600 watts. Read More
Quail Bows Colored IEC Power Cords

Livermore, CA — New from Quail are its IEC-60320-C14 and IEC-60320-C13 configuration power cords in a variety of colors and lengths. Developed for networking professionals and equipment manufacturers, these IEC power cords, called patch cords by professionals, are widely used for server power supplies ...Read More
Steamer Enables Much Faster Thin Film Production

San Diego, CA — The RASIRC Steamer, which has closed loop flow control, purifies and delivers ultrapure liquids and gases, including ultra-high-purity (UHP) steam from de-ionized water. The company's dryers, humidifiers, and steam generators are used in critical applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical ...Read More
New Surface Mount Inductor from Renco

Rockledge, FL — Renco Electronics, has introduced its RL-8100 Series surface mount inductor. Standing only 2mm tall, the RL-8100 series has an ultra-compact design that offers simple pick-and-place from tape-and-reel packaging. Read More
Richardson RFPD: DC Link Power Film Capacitors

La Fox, IL — Richardson RFPD has introduced a line of high reliability DC link power film capacitors from Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products. The 55DC Link Series is well suited for power inverter applications that require superior life expectancy under the harsh operating conditions of wind and ...Read More
Highly Stable SMT Clock Oscillator from Ruby Quartz

Aventura, FL — Ruby Quartz has introduced what it calls the first free-running non-temperature-compensated clock oscillators with stability down to ±10PPM over an all-inclusive room temperature stability over the range of -40 to +85°C over a frequency range of 2.5 to 55MHz.Read More
Smart-Touch LCDs from Saelig

Pittsford, NY — Saelig Company Inc. has introduced ezLCD compact Smart Touch LCD modules, aimed at speeding time-to-market for products requiring an interactive color graphics display. The all-in-one modular design combines a color LCD, touch screen, control electronics, memory and I/O, with an easy ...Read More
Safe Conveyor Intros New Slide Gate

Swansea, MA — An innovative conveyor system with a gate mechanism that works like a sliding drawer to open and close without gas springs is being introduced by Safe Conveyor. This new design, called Slide Gate, is a simple and safe way to provide quick and easy access around the factory floor. \par ...Read More
Samtec Intros High Performance Wire Cable Assembly

New Albany, IN — Samtec has introduced the PowerStrip/35 Discrete Wire Cable Assembly, designed for applications that call for high performance, reliability, and durability. When mated with the company's PowerStrip/35 high power terminal (PET Series), the system has a current carrying capacity of ...Read More
Schaefer Intros Hi Efficiency DC/DC Converter

Hopkinton, MA — Schaefer has introduced the PRC-500 Series of DC/DC converters, which provide 500W of power in a compact, chassis-mount package. The PRP-500 Series has versions that meet industrial (EN60950) or rail (EN50155) standards.Read More
Signal Transformer: SMD Power Inductors

Inwood, NY — Signal Transformer has introduced a new series of RoHS-compliant, Pb-free, SMD wire wound inductors. The inductors are sized to industry standard packages for ease of design. Multiple profile heights and inductance values — within the same footprint — permit a wide selection of ...Read More
Tecate's Supercapacitors Now UL Recognized

San Diego, CA — Tecate Group's extensive inventory of RoHS-compliant CAP-XX supercapacitors is now UL 810A Recognized under UL's Components Recognition Program. The UL 810A standard covers supercapacitors (electromechanical double-layer capacitors, or EDLCs) and is intended to ensure the safety of ...Read More
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