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Publication Date: 05/1/2012
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Solar Connectors from Automation Systems

Mechanicsburg, PA — Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. has April 9, 2012 introduced a new line of solar connectors, called the ASIPV series. The new connectors are compatible and intermateable with industry standard 4mm connectors. Read More
Aven: Magnifying Lamps with UV/Bright LEDs

Ann Arbor, MI — High-intensity illumination and extra enlargement capability from a spot lens distinguish two new ProVue Touch LED Magnifying Lamps for engineering, fabrication, laboratory and quality control applications, being introduced by Aven. The lamps brighten work areas with shadow-free lighting ...Read More
B&K Precision: DSO with Built-In Waveform Generator

Yorba Linda, CA — B&K Precision has introduced models 2540B-GEN and 2542B-GEN — the latest additions to its 2540B series of digital storage oscilloscopes. The integration of function/arbitrary waveform generation capability into these 60MHz and 100MHz, 1GSa/s DSOs provides engineers with a low ...Read More
BlockMaster Terminal Blocks Offer Circuit Isolation

Elk Grove Village, IL — BlockMaster Electronics' newly released MPT Panel Feed Through terminal blocks allow the designer to completely separate the internal elements of a circuit from outside world noise interference.
The new product is particularly useful for applications that include medical imaging, motor and robotic motor control generator sets and other high power switching outputs that will meet
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BTU: Next-Generation Oven Capabilities

North Billerica, MA — BTU International, Inc. is highlighting its next-generation High Efficiency (HE) Flux Management and dual-lane, dual-speed capabilities of the PYRAMAX solder reflow system as well as its latest WINCON 5.0 control system software.Read More
Bud Intros Swing Frame 19-Inch Rack

Cleveland, OH — Bud Industries has introduced its Swing Frame 19-in. Rack. This new product offers all the conveniences of a wall-mounted rack with the added advantage of a swing-out frame for easy access to the rear of the equipment.
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Ultra-Mini DIP Switch from C&K Components

Newton, MA — C&K Components has developed an ultra-miniature, surface-mount DIP switch that delivers consistent electrical performance and high reliability.
The half-pitch TDA Series DIP switch incorporates bifurcated contacts that
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Finetech: Matrix Rework System

Berlin, Germany — Finetech is presenting the latest rework and bonder generation FINEPLACER® matrix. Depending on the application, the semi-automated machine platform can be configured to perform as a hot gas rework station or an assembly and bonding platform with 10 or 3µ placement accuracy ...Read More
Goepel Speeds Boundary Scan Project Development

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced a new generation of testing tools with its new Board Merger within the frame of the Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON®. The newly developed software tool for the first time supports a completely project-oriented multi-board target architecture ...Read More
Henkel Intros Highest Rated Molding Compound

Irvine, CA — Henkel has recently expanded its low-pressure molding MACROMELT technology portfolio, adding a material designed specifically for high thermal stability and chemical resistance. The product, MACROMELT MM6208, has all of the inherent benefits consistent with MACROMELT technology, but ...Read More
Mini-SMT Test Points from Keystone

Astoria, NY — A new, miniature SMT Test Point with symmetrical flat-wire design to efficiently and safely test PCBs is the latest addition to the Keystone Electronics Corp. test point selection. Read More
L-com Expands Line of Surge Protectors

North Andover, MA — L-com, Inc. has added a new series of single-stage AC/DC control line lightning and surge protectors. The new products protect 8 individual single-ended AC or DC control lines using grounding lugs to provide tie points for earth ground. The surge protectors all have removable screw terminal ...Read More
LeaderTech: Multi-Cavity Shielding Solutions

Tampa, FL — Leader Tech's Multi-Cavity Slot-Lok Pro Shield is a proprietary board-level shielding product that uses standardized manufacturing methods to create near custom multi-cavity solutions with minimal nonrecurring engineering charges (NRE) and virtually limitless customization options ...Read More
Dual-Channel Hi-Res Waveform Generators from LeCroy

Chestnut Ridge, NY — LeCroy Corporation is introducing the WaveStation series of function/arbitrary waveform generators. The WaveStation is capable of generating signals up to 50MHz and offers a 3.5-in. (89mm) color display, intuitive front panel, two output channels on all models, and PC waveform ...Read More
Lista: CNC Tool Storage Cabinets

Holliston, MA — Lista International Corporation is showing several of its storage solutions including CNC Tool Storage Cabinets. Available in a variety of sizes, heights and drawer configurations, the storage cabinets are equipped with tool holder frames and tool holders to accommodate a variety ...Read More
Lumex Expands Sunbrite Family of LEDs

Palatine, IL — Lumex has expanded its SunBrite family of general illumination LED technologies. Two new SunBrite technology categories — the SunBrite 5-Watt MR-16 Retrofit LED and the SunBrite Modular LED Lightbar are now available worldwide. The new SunBrite LED technologies are said to provide ...Read More
SIL Reed Relay from Meder

West Wareham, MA — Meder electronic Inc. has introduced its new UMS series of Micro Single-In-Line (SIL) Reed Relays, especially suitable for use in test systems and closely stacked matrix applications in the test and measurement, telecommunications, and security industries. As a drop-in replacement SIL relay, the UMS
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Molex Launches POD Cable Product Family

Lisle, IL — Molex Inc. has launched VersaBeam, a new product family focused on expanded-beam interconnects. The first product introduced under the new banner, the VersaBeam POD Cable Assemblies, provide a low-profile, expanded-beam, 12-fiber solution specifically designed to mate with Avago Technologies ...Read More
New Terminal Blocks from NTE

Bloomfield, NJ — NTE Electronics has added a complete line of high quality terminal blocks to its product offering. The terminal blocks provide a convenient way to connect individual electrical wires without having to splice or physically join wire ends. The terminal blocks are manufactured to rigorous ...Read More
Omron Developing MEMS Thermal Sensors

Schaumburg, IL — Omron's Micro Device Division (MDD) has a number of new MEMS products in development to watch for in the coming year including two Thermal IR Sensing Array Modules and an Absolute Pressure Sensor.
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