Monday, May 28, 2018
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Goepel: New Module for THT Solder Joint Inspection
Module for THT solder joint inspection.
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic is introducing TOM Selective-Line, a cost-effective module for selective THT solder joint inspection. The powerful and easy-to-integrate module can be utilized for offline as well as inline applications. The innovative combination of modular illumination, telecentric lens and intuitive software enables a high quality and reproducible evaluation of THT solder joints according to IPC-A-610.

Various illumination variants provide the appropriate contrast for changing PCB colors. Possible negative impact of flux or solder masks are eliminated by precisely controlled segment-by-segment side lighting.

The telecentric lens provides a distortion-free, sharp image of the PCB, whereby the module to inspect larger fields of view (standard: 48 X 48mm) can be moved pneumatically or electronically utilizing an X-Y axis system.

The easy-to-use TOM Line image processing software offers special functions for evaluation of solder joints, shorts or solder splashes. The software can be remote-controlled via Ethernet, RS-232 or Digital I/O, offering a multitude of functions for safe detection of THT soldering defects on printed electronic assemblies.

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