Monday, May 21, 2018
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EAP Intros Optilia Optical Inspection System
Optilia optical inspection system.
Dayton, OH — Electronic Assembly Products (EAP) is now representing and distributing Optilia brand high-definition optical inspection systems in the United States. EAP provides sales and support for the W10x-HD and W20x-HD camera systems for use in precision inspection, repair and quality control departments. The W10x-HD is a full high definition inspection system that allows the user to view objects on a monitor up to 70X their actual size. The W20x-HD is a similar high-definition system that provides additional magnification for a smaller field of view up to 200X the actual product size. The W20x-HD is used for very small products and components that cannot be thoroughly inspected with unaided human vision.

The W10x-HD and W20x-HD assist the user in examining connections, soldered joints, defects and inconsistencies on the production line. When connected to a 1080p monitor, Optilia's inspection systems provide crisp resolution and high contrast, aiding in identifying quality issues in precision products.

Optilia optical inspection systems are suitable for: invasive medical device manufacturing, such as catheters and stents; precision tooling; contact lens and eye care product manufacturing; printed circuit board (PCB) production, repair and rework; fiber optic cable production; hypodermic needles and syringe fabrication; post production inspection; industrial test and measurement; micromechanical research, design and development.

Additional lenses can be attached to the inspection systems, increasing magnification. Optilia also offers several options for mounts, stands, handles, switches, controllers and OptiPix software to increase ergonomics and functionality. Working distance ranges from approximately 55 to 245mm (2 to 10-in.) to provide clearance for a variety of object sizes. The systems also include a laser pointer to help the user locate the inspection area.

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