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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Hitachi Intros Multi-Function Placement Head
Multi-function placement head.
Dallas, TX — The new Sigma G5 compact, modular mounter, offered by The Production Systems Division (PSD) of Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (HTA), incorporates an unusual multi-function head that greatly enhances the system's flexibility and overall process efficiency.

The head uses a 3-spindle (nozzle) design, equipped with vacuum and mechanical gripper nozzles. It can change or interchange nozzles "on the fly", depending on production requirements. It is a high-accuracy (30µ accuracy) head, which makes it especially suitable for processes that include PoP, and can be used in combination with a flux dipping module for PoP, die placement, and similarly demanding assembly placement requirements.

It can accommodate a range of components and, it can be used for insertion of connectors and devices that require press fit. This is because the head can exert up to 5kg of insertion force.

The Multi-function placement head is a key part of the company's flagship Sigma G5 high-performance, compact, modular mounter, available in both High Speed and Flexible High Speed configurations. The G5 has a two-head placement system that offers the most flexibility in a single high speed head and a multi-function head; two quick-change feeder bases that accommodate tape and stick feeders or quick change tray unit with tape feeders; and the industry's first "Overdrive Control System" whereby both heads can pick from each other's component supply and place on the same board simultaneously and without restriction.

Contact: Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc., P.O. Box 612208, Dallas, TX 75261-2208 972-615-9000 Web:

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