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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Schott Launches Superior Optical Fiber
Improved optical fiber.
San Francisco, CA — Schott has introduced PURAVIS high-purity glass optical fibers. This new product reportedly offers superior properties over existing glass fibers, which make PURAVIS especially suitable for medical and industrial use. The new fibers offer outstanding transmission of white light — an increase of up to 10 percent achieved by using well-selected raw materials. Because of the lower degree of color shift, illuminated objects retain their natural color, even if the fibers are used in long light guides. This makes PURAVIS especially well-suited for medical applications such as endoscopy and surgical microscopy. The light guide captures more light from the very start. The low attenuation in the visible range results in even higher light output at the end of the light guide, which allows for smaller diameter light guides with same output and thus easier installation. Another advantage of the product is its superior longevity, achieved by improved chemical stability and low solarization, which is particularly important for medical reprocessing like autoclaving or cleaning, but also for outdoor applications.

Transmission loss after 100 autoclaving cycles has been greatly reduced — by up to 70 percent compared to previous fibers. The company will start replacing its former glass fibers with PURAVIS effective immediately.

Contact: SCHOTT North America, Inc., 555 Taxter Road, Elmsford, NY 10523 914-831-2200 or 914-831-2201 Web:

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