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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Slimline Surge Suppressors from Para Systems
Slimline surge protector.
Dallas, TX — Para Systems, Inc. has introduced four new MMS Slimline surge suppressor models. These new products join Minuteman's existing lineup of quality surge suppression products which range from single-outlet wall-taps to 12-outlet strips with unique rotating outlets. The Slimline series includes two new wall-taps tailored for A/V and HDTV applications, as well as two compact strips suited for workstations, network peripherals, security systems, and entertainment center installations.

The new MMS Slimline products provide protection from electrical spikes and surges that can be devastating to both expensive electronic equipment and valuable data.

Highlighting the new line is the MMS130RC, an ultra low-profile 3-outlet wall tap which includes coax protection. These units are suitable for placement behind wall-mounted HDTVs, and offer a convenient rotating power outlet and coax connection to aid in routing wires out of sight. A limited lifetime warranty and $75,000 connected equipment protection plan are included.

Two all-new strips, the MMS664S and MMS686SCT are also available. These units provide 6 and 8 outlets, respectively, and offer an ultra-slim design that is suitable for cramped media centers and workstations. The MMS686SCT also offers coax and phone/fax/network surge protection, making it an appropriate solution for fail-safe surge protection of expensive electronic equipment including HDTVs, routers, and modems, as well as desktop and laptop computers. A limited lifetime warranty and $75,000 (MMS664S) or $200,000 (MMS686SCT) connected equipment protection plan are included. The final addition to the product line is the MMS660S, a low-profile 6-outlet wall tap. This unit provides an extremely economical solution for adding outlets to a typical wall plug, and its slim design fits into cramped spaces under desks and behind entertainment centers. Limited lifetime warranty and a $50,000 connected equipment protection plan are included.

Contact: Para Systems, Inc., Minuteman UPS, 1455 LeMay Drive, Carrollton, TX 75007 800-238-7272 or 972-446-7363 fax: 972-446-9011 Web:

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