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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Ingenia Intros Digital Servo Drive
Servo drive.
Barcelona, Spain — Ingenia Motion Control has released VENUS digital servo drive, an integrated motion controller and digital servo drive in a convenient stand-alone package, capable of driving most motor topologies in today's market of up to 2 kW and without the need of any additional heat-sink on its whole operating temperature range.

The Venus Servo drive is suitable for controlling brushless DC, brushless AC, DC brushed, steppers and voice coil motors with built-in motion controller and high level motion language. It can control either rotary or linear motors. The drive is capable of operating in many modes including Profiled Torque, Profiled Velocity, Profiled Position, Interpolated Position, Cyclic Sync Position and Homing, and contains a wide range of feedback and on-board I/O options. The drive can operate with a wide choice of feedback devices supporting by default Incremental Encoder, Digital Halls, Analog Halls, Analog Input (Potentiometer), PWM sensor and DC-Tachometer. The Venus also includes RS-232 interface (with daisy-chain option) and CAN interface with CANopen protocol (CiA-301, 402 and 303) for configuration and distributed motion control functionality. The drive accepts a wide set of command reference sources and can also execute pre-stored programs from its non-volatile memory.

Contact: INGENIA-CAT, S.L., C/ Marie Curie s/n, Parc Tecnolrgic BCNord - Local A200, 08042 Barcelona, Spain +34 932 917 682 fax: +34 933 549 845 E-mail: Web:

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