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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Aeroflex Adds New P25 Phase II TDMA Test Functions
Upgraded 3920 Radio Test Set.
Wichita, KS — Aeroflex Inc., subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp., has made a major feature upgrade to its which now supports P25 Phase II TDMA test functions and adds many new features for the development, manufacturing, and field test of both analog and digital PMR radios and base stations used around the world. The unit is said to be the de facto world leader for testing PMR communications systems. Its modularity offers users the ability to test virtually all PMR analog and digital radio standards within one single test system. Using the company's Auto-Test II scripts. The unit also supports automated testing and alignment of TETRA, P25, DMR, dPMR, NXDN, as well as many analog legacy radio systems.

According to the company, it has released a wide range of enhancements to 8920 emulation mode, helping customers more easily replace obsolete Agilent test sets and smoothing the transition to a modern PMR test system that supports both legacy analog systems and the new digital systems being developed around the world. The 3920 is reportedly future-proof — the only radio test set needed for almost all PMR testing requirements.

The Radio Test Set software version 2.0.0 adds many new features, including: the addition of P25 Phase II TDMA operation support — H-CPM (inbound modulation) modulation and demodulation; H-CPM eye diagram, distribution plot, and constellation; H-DQPSK (outbound modulation) modulation and demodulation; H-DQPSK eye diagram, distribution plot, and constellation; Generation of all H-CPM standard patterns; Generation of all H-DQPSK standard patterns; Unit-under-test (UUT) measurements for Phase II including modulation fidelity, symbol deviation, symbol clock error, frequency error, power, and TX bit error; Power profile diagrams of both full slots and ramp-up/ramp-down for H-CPM modulation; New features for P25 radios have been added, including extended FM analog test functions. The product also includes Analog Duplex with new IF and audio filters to further emulate the Agilent 8920 test set, allowing users of this older test platform to easily upgrade. It provides support for DMR systems such as MOTOTRBO® enhanced with new analog test features. DMR radios utilize both digital and FM operational modes, and with this new release, the 3920 now eliminates the need to switch between the 3920s analog and DMR digital test modes. This feature saves time when testing and aligning DMR radios.

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