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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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PDR Launches Upgradeable Rework System
Fully upgradeable rework system.
Shingle Springs, CA — The IR-E3 Evolution Series SMT rework tools from PDR are described as extremely powerful and cost effective. The IR-E3 is able to readily accommodate the demands of both new and existing SMT component packages such as BGAs, µBGAs, CSPs, QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs, standard SMDs and SMT sockets and connectors.

The PDR IR-E3i is an upgradeable SMT/BGA rework system that is aimed at companies who do not yet want to commit to a fully loaded BGA rework system but want to in the future. The system comes complete with a range of features to immediately deal with the vast majority of SMT rework demands.

Standard features include: a 150W, top-side heating focused IR lens system that is able to project a heating image of up to 70mm in diameter; interchangeable lens attachments to suit differing component families; 2000W IR heating for preheating the bottom-side of PCBs; a real-time, non-contact component/PCB temperature sensing and readout facility; closed loop PCB and component temperature control; PC Control Package including the company's "ThermoActive" software suite with simple "drag and drop" profile setting and automatic heating, precision X/Y table and component placement. The unit can accommodate PCBs up to 420 x 500mm in size.

The IR-E3Vi has all the standard features of the E3i, but includes the company's CCTV/Slit-beam prism-based BGA alignment package. The Evolution Series offers a comprehensive range of options and additional features to deal with more complex rework requirements, and specialized packages such as BGAs. Options and upgrades available include: 2400W back heater, automatic lift pick up, PCB cooling, auxiliary process observation camera.

Central to the performance of the semi-automatic system is the company's focused IR technology which allows operators to both quickly and safely, solder and desolder all types of SMT packages without risk of overheating a given component, adjacent devices or board substrate.

Focused IR is a non-contact, tool-free and hands-free technique that subjects both the topside and underside of a board to remote IR radiation heating. Below the PCB, medium wave IR is used to preheat the board and reduce the amount of energy and time required for top-side heating. Above the PCB, short wave IR energy is collimated and focused through a lens system to allow precise heating control over the specific component area to be heated.

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