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Publication Date: 04/1/2012
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Manncorp Unveils Split-Vision Rework Station
Rework station with high-resolution split vision.
Willow Grove, PA — A rework station with higher-resolution split-vision for easier and more accurate alignment has been introduced by Manncorp. The lead-free system BR750, also contains ultra-precise processing controls to meet the challenge of removal and placement of BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, PoPs and other subminiature surface mount devices.

A key to the system's enhanced performance is its innovative heating, including independent and fully programmable top and bottom hot air, plus rapid on/off IR underheaters. The latter eliminates thermal tension that can damage boards or components adjacent to those being processed. With eight different set points, exact thermal conditions can be produced for profiles containing heating rate, target temperature, dwell time and cooling. The profiles are shown in real time on a convenient LCD display.

After entering their size, SMDs are automatically pre-aligned and picked up from the component nest at their exact centers. An upward-looking camera then verifies positioning at all four corners of each device, while split-vision optics and electronic zoom adjustment of up to 22X does the fine tuning. This procedure is said to be extremely efficient in handling rework involving removal and placement of the same components repeatedly.

Added guidance comes from LED lighting that clearly projects superimposed images of component leads and PCB pads on a full color LCD display. The BR750 will handle PCBs up to 500 x 550mm and component sizes from 1 x 1mm to 60 x 60mm.

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