Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Practical Components Adds CVBGA Test Board
Dummy CVBGA for testing and instruction.
Los Alamitos, CA — Practical Components has introduced a test board for its dummy (mechanical sample) version of Amkor's cutting-edge 0.3mm pitch CVBGA. Amkor's new semiconductor device is a wafer-scale package in a miniature package, which is suitable for surface mount installation. Amkor's ChipArray® range of packages consists of laminate-based ball grid array (BGA) packages that are compatible with established SMT mounting processes.

The CVBGA368-8 mm Evaluation Board is suitable for testing, evaluating and qualifying this fine-pitch technology. For this package, the board size is 77 x 132mm, 1mm thick, and has four layers with 15 pads. It is offered with OSP, ImAg, and ENIG finishes.

The 0.3mm CVBGA is 8 x 8mm, 0.30mm solder ball pitch, two-layer thin core substrate with an Ni/Au BGA finish that uses a HL832NX-A (60µm core) and AUS 410 solder mask.

There is increasing demand for electronics products that are more compact and offer higher levels of performance, and the 0.3mm CVBGA dummy component is suitable to train, test and qualify this technology.

The Practical Dummy Component® version of the CVBGA is identical to the live package without the expensive IC die inside. The dummy versions are made of the same materials on the same manufacturing lines and have the same size, thermal and soldering properties as the live equivalent without the cost of a live die.

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