Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Austin American Unveils New Cleaning Machines
New NanoJet inline cleaning system.
Burnet, TX — Austin American Technology Corp. (AAT) is unveiling what it describes as the world's smallest yet most powerful cleaner for a PCB cleaning, the NanoJet, adding it to the company's full line of green cleaning equipment.

According to the company, it was very important to maximize the cleaning and drying performance including reducing the cycle time for a complete wash rinse and dry, yet built a cleaner that operationally has the lowest possible operating costs.

The new low-cost cleaner uses the company's Progressive Energy Dynamics; provides patented displacement drying; closed loop wash and rinsing built in; highest throughput; lowest equipment investment for a cleaner of this performance and size; lowest operational costs without sacrificing cleaning and drying performance; small footprint reduces floor space requirements — base is 6-ft. long by 44-in. wide. The machine is water-only cleaning-capable as well as chemistry cleaning-capable. It provides the highest cleaning performance with chemistry or without chemistry.

The NanoJet is a remarkable cleaning system that excels in resource and environmentally friendly design and has exceptional cycle time efficiency. A complete wash, rinse and dry can be achieved in 3 to 7 minutes for most assemblies. The NanoJet requires no external closed loop system as it is built into the machine. The standard NanoJet can be configured as a completely closed loop system which eliminates the need for a gravity drain to sewer.

The new cleaning system is equipped with AAT's state-of-the-art Progressive Energy Dynamics cleaning technology and patented Jet manifold drying and chemical isolation which combine to provide a special design. The fluid delivery system was developed using complex modeling techniques — an innovative approach to cleaning ensures that each progressive stage in the process optimizes mechanical, thermal and chemical energy to achieve the best possible performance.

The patented high-volume directed flow drying technology complements the machine's outstanding cleaning capability by efficiently forcing water out of tight spaces and not allowing evaporation to leave harmful residues behind. Breakthrough design advances make it possible to offer an amazingly small footprint of 8 X 3.8-ft. (2.44 x 1.15m) and 4.2-ft. (1.28m) High.

The SMEMA compliant cleaning system operates with extremely low resource consumption and a correspondingly high "green" factor. These design elements provide for processing of complex, high density assemblies in a very small footprint.

The system can be configured for use with most commercial aqueous cleaning chemistries. It is especially suitable for all types of circuit de-fluxing applications and part cleaning applications. It delivers the highest level of throughput and cleaning performance in the market today.

Contact: Austin American Technology Corp., 401 Industrial Blvd., Burnet TX 78611 512-756-4150 fax: 512-756-5150 E-mail: Web:

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