Saturday, May 26, 2018

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New Rework Platform from VJ Electronix
400S solder scavenging system.
Littleton, MA — VJ Electronix, Inc. is showing a fully configured SRT Micra Rework Platform — a brand new benchtop platform that is specifically designed for the rework of small form factor products. These include the latest high density electronic designs and devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, and other portable products.

The new SierraMate V9 software simplifies process definition and assures consistent, repeatable results between facilities and even continents. The systems' unusual heaters and machine controls provide extremely high throughput and extraordinary performance, regardless of typical variations in utilities, such as electrical power.

VJ is also showing the Summit 1800 Performance Rework Platform, which incorporates all of the innovative features that have been developed since the invention of high-level, semi-automatic surface mount and microelectronics rework technology.

Extensive field experience and user feedback have resulted in the development of rework systems that exceed current and future industry requirements. Advanced rework software with intuitive 1-2-3 Go! operator interface and Auto Profile maximizes ease of use and throughput, while maintaining the inherent capability to rework today?s most complex area-array components.

The 400S is a standalone, non-contact scavenging system for the automatic removal of residual solder from a rework site. With its automated X-Y motion, the 400S is pre-programmed to traverse the component site in the fastest and most efficient fashion, resulting in the optimum heat transfer to reflow the solder while minimizing thermal exposure. Dynamic Height Sensing (DHS) ensures optimum solderability for the replacement of a new component.

On the X-ray side, the company is demonstrating the Vertex Series A V130. The X-ray system is production ready, offering superior uptime and unmatched value. In addition, the system uses a 130kV X-ray tube and provides a total magnification of 1950X.

The Vertex is equipped with innovative Nexus 300 Inspection Software and analysis tools, providing manual operation or fully automated inspection routines. Nexus 300 image processing offers: advanced defect enhancement, pseudo color, edge detection, BGA area, circularity, voiding, large area analysis, void ratio and feature masking. For product traceability in a production environment, a bar code reader is available.

Contact: VJ Electronix, Inc., 234 Taylor St., Littleton, MA 01460 978-486-4777 Web:

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