Friday, June 22, 2018

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Transition Automation Intros Ultra-Fine Pitch Printer
Entry level precision tabletop screen printer.
Tyngsboro, MA — Transition Automation, Inc. has released is newest innovation: the PrinTEK I series of Ultra-Fine Pitch SMT printers. This new system benefits from the company's long experience and expertise in Fine Pitch SMT printing and squeegee design. The result is reportedly exceptional ease of use and quality, at a low cost entry point in a bench-top format. The PrinTEK I achieves this result with several key innovations: a synchronized 4-cam liftoff system, a magnetic array table with locking pin-plates to easily tool up the PC board position, and rugged and accurate 3-dimensional adjustment via precision x, y, and theta anti-backlash adjustment heads.

The system can accommodate PC board sizes up to 18 x 18-in. (457 x 457mm). The family of printers includes larger sizes which can accommodate 18 x 24-in. (457 x 609mm), and 24 x 36-in. (609 x 914mm) size PC boards. As an added benefit, users can purchase a Patented Dual Squeegee Gantry head as an option as well as a Dual Video Microscope Alignment system. Both of these options are field upgradeable by the user allowing for a low cost entry and scalability as the user's production demands increase.

Contact: Transition Automation, 5 Trader Circle, Building D, Tyngsboro, MA 01879 800-648-3338 or 978-649-2400 fax: 978-649-2402 Web:

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