Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Ultrasonic Spray Fluxing from Sono-Tek
Programmable ultrasonic spray fluxing.
Milton, NY — Sono-Tek Corporation is demonstrating the SonoFlux Servo WS Ultrasonic Spray Fluxing System — a fully automated reciprocating ultrasonic spray fluxing system that is designed for spraying water soluble/organic acid fluxes. All of the wetted materials, including the pumping system, liquid lines, fittings and ultrasonic spray nozzle, are constructed with materials that are proven compatible with these very corrosive fluxes.

The SonoFlux Servo WS incorporates the company's non-clogging ultrasonic spray nozzle with high Impact controlled velocity air shaping technology for excellent through-hole penetration without overspray. The SonoFlux Servo WS allows selective fluxing of pallets or full area coverage with user-friendly programming and recipe storage controlled via a compact notebook using Windows®-based software. This versatile system is easily integrated with all major wave solder machines. The flexibility of selective area fluxing or full board width coverage combined with the ability to spray aggressive high solids fluxes without clogging makes the SonoFlux Servo WS an important tool for PCB manufacturers worldwide.

Contact: Sono-Tek Corporation, 2012 Route 9W, Milton, NY 12547 845-795-2020 fax: 845-795-2720 Web:

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