Friday, May 25, 2018

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SEHO Debuts AOI for Selective Soldering
AOI for selective soldering system.
Kreuzwertheim, Germany — SEHO Systems GmbH is highlighting the new AOI function for its best-selling selective soldering system — the PowerSelective — a system that can be embedded directly in the selective soldering process. The system is used for the detection of soldering defects such as non-wetting or insufficient wetting, missing pin or bridging. The inspection begins immediately after the soldering process when the printed circuit board is still fixed in the gripper of the soldering machine.

The AOI system can be easily integrated into a SEHO PowerSelective, offering remarkable cost savings in floor space and board handling equipment. Depending on the complexity of the products to be soldered, the AOI system can be activated if solder joints are considered to be critical, or it may be deactivated for

uncomplicated boards, thus reducing overall production time. While using the AOI system in the production process, the unit allows separation of assemblies with defects and automatically leads them to a repair station instead of returning them to the production line. The AOI system is equipped with a special 5 MP RGB camera and LEDs for lighting in different colors. It provides a field of view of 51 x 38mm with 20µm pixel resolution. The system software provides a comprehensive component library to ensure easy programming.

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