Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Martin Shows Affordable Rework Solutions
Expert 10.6 rework system.
Tempe, AZ — Martin is showcasing its Minioven Reball/Prebump unit, Expert 10.6 rework system and Clever Dispense unit. The Minioven 04 provides a reflow environment in a compact, standalone unit and is suitable for pre-bumping QFNs and reballing BGAs and CSPs. The efficient hot gas circulation ensures optimal heating of the component and a controlled reflow process. The unit offers programmable modes and a nitrogen process gas supply. Up to 99 profiles can be accommodated, with the ability to edit individual profiles and fine tune parameters.

The company is also showing its cost-effective Expert 10.6 IV rework system, developed and configured for cell phone and small board requirements. The small board platform combines both infrared and convection heating technologies to achieve outstanding board and SMD temperature uniformity. Also, showing for the first time is a newly designed under-board component cooling device. This "one of a kind" cooling device keeps delicate devices from overheating, which can be caused by placement proximity of the top device being removed and extremely thin PCBs.

Also being shown, the Clever Dispense 05 is a manual, tabletop unit that dispenses a variety of materials across a wide range of viscosities. The unit precisely delivers dots and lines — with temperature compensation, fill level compensation and snuff-back vacuum.

Contact: Martin/Finetech, 8380 S. Kyrene, Ste. 110, Tempe, AZ 85284 480-893-1630 fax: 480-893-1632 E-mail: Web:

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