Monday, June 25, 2018

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KIC Debuts Reflow Quality Inspection System
Sensors embedded in wavesolder machine keep solder at precise temperature.
San Diego, CA — KIC is introducing the Reflow Process Index (RPI) which helps manage reflow ovens to consistently maximize the desired results. In addition, the RPI provides process deficiency information in order to help users correct their defect issues quickly. The RPI is an automatic system that, once programmed, works in the background without any operator involvement.

The RPI provides process deficiency information to help correct defect issues quickly; shares all pertinent process and production data in real-time; automatically profiles each and every PCB; provides instant alarm for out-of-spec situations; automatic SPC charting, including Cpk; process traceability down to individual PCBs; prevents human error such as production of the wrong PCBs or wrong oven recipe settings (bar code required).

The RPI improves quality and throughput, and is universally applicable because it is independent of the oven model, production lines, personnel, PCB types, and even factory.

Also on display, the KIC 24/7 Wave utilizes embedded sensors in the wave solder machine to automatically measure the thermal profile for each and every processed PCB to the acceptable process window. A thermocouple also is installed in the solder pot to constantly measure the pot temperature.

Any out of spec situation is immediately identified, while the standard SPC charts automatically provide Cpk numbers with the ability to provide alarms when the process starts drifting. Every PCB profile is recorded for easy retrieval for full process traceability. Traceability down to the individual PCB is achieved when bar codes are used.

Contact: KIC, 16120 W. Bernardo Dr., San Diego, CA 92127 858-673-6050 fax: 858-673-0085 Web:

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