Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Goepel Intros Mass Interconnect JTAG Interface
Mass interconnect interface.
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced PXI 1149/DAK, a mass interconnect interface within the framework of the company's SCANFLEX® JTAG/Boundary Scan hardware platform. The new option for the SFX/PXI1149/Cx controller is compatible with SCOUT, the mass interconnect system from MAC Panel. Using this option, the customer can now easily combine JTAG/Boundary Scan with the PXI connectivity solution from MAC Panel.

The new module is available in two versions. First, as an option for the SFX/PXI1149/Cx-FXT and SFX/PXIe1149/Cx-FXT controller, the PXI 1149/DAK2 has a differential test bus with 200 pin receiver and single-ended PIP resources. The second option, the PXI 1149/DAK1 has a single-ended test bus with 96-pin receiver as well as single-ended PIP resources and is an option for the SFX/PXI1149/Cx and SFX/PXIe1149/Cx controller. Both mass interconnect interfaces are also available in a version that supports Direct Access Kit-Extended version, PXI 1149/DAK-E1 and PXI 1149/DAK-E2.

The new PXI 1149/DAK is fully supported by the JTAG/Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON — the company's professional JTAG/Boundary Scan development environment which currently provides 45 completely integrated ISP, test, and debug tools.

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