Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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CyberOptics: Tabletop AOI & Next Gen Image Analysis
QX-500 AOI system.
Minneapolis, MN — CyberOptics Corporation is introducing the QX100 AOI Tabletop System equipped with AI2 next-generation image analysis software, along with a range of in-line AOI and advanced SPI systems. Also on display is a prototype version of the QX100i system — an entry-level inline AOI system aimed at providing a cost-effective inspection solution.

The QX100 redefines tabletop inspection by combining the performance of an in-line inspection system with the flexibility of a tabletop system. The system uses the company's unusual image acquisition technology, the Strobed Inspection Module (SIM), and is capable of inspecting component sizes down to 01005.

The QX100 is powered by AI2 (Autonomous Image Interpretation), a patented next-generation image analysis technique evolved from the company's SAM technology, and takes advantage of the latest advances in processor architecture. AI2 is a robust statistical modeling engine that provides superior defect detection capabilities, the lowest false call rates and improved clarity of defect identification through an Active Pixel Marking feature.

With this technology, programming gets faster, with a dramatic 90 percent reduction in examples, and simpler — with full support for unsupervised and semi-automatic model training, helping to set up models effortlessly. A single workflow setup makes the QX100 a suitable choice for high-mix environments with the capability to adapt seamlessly to low-mix, high-volume production modes. Also, inspection programs created on the QX100 can be directly transferred to the company's in-line AOI systems as production needs change. Also being showcased is the company's flagship 3-D SPI system, the SE500. The system is designed to inspect the most demanding assemblies at >80 cm2/sec inspection speed without compromising measurement accuracy and repeatability. The system now offers a Dual Illumination sensor option to further improve repeatability and reproducibility on the very smallest of paste deposits.

The company is also displaying its award-winning QX500 AOI system, which is truly innovative with an unusual image acquisition solution, and strobed inspection module (SIM). It is designed to deliver high-speed inspection matched with exceptional defect coverage and an extremely low false call rate.

Contact: CyberOptics Corp., 5900 Golden Hills Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55416 763-542-5000 fax: 763-542-5100 E-mail: Web:

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