Friday, April 27, 2018

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Count On Tools Intros Contract Machining Services

Gainesville, GA — Count On Tools Inc., a provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, is showcasing new product lines that include LED Nozzle Series, revised StripFeeder Trays & Modules, ezLOAD PCB board supports, and a broad assortment of custom nozzle designs for odd-form components. ...
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CyberOptics: Tabletop AOI & Next Gen Image Analysis

Minneapolis, MN — CyberOptics Corporation is introducing the QX100 AOI Tabletop System equipped with AI2 next-generation image analysis software, along with a range of in-line AOI and advanced SPI systems. Also on display is a prototype version of the QX100i system — an entry an entry-level inline AOI system aimed at providing a cost-effective inspection solution.

The QX100 redefines tabletop inspection by combining the performance of an in-line inspection system with the flexibility of a tabletop system.

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CSZ Testing Delivers Product Design Verification

Cincinnati, OH — Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Testing Services, a division of Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Products, Inc., manufactures environmental test chambers, offers testing services to simulate various conditions faced by products and their packaging, and a comprehensive evaluation of the findings ...
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Data I/O: Inline Programming System

Redmond, WA — Data I/O Corporation is showcasing the new RoadRunner3 inline programming system, the next generation of the world's only just-prior-to-placement programming solution. With its Factory Integration Software (FIS), RoadRunner3 streamlines the production process and eliminates operator ...
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Everett Charles Companies: Test Technology

Pomona, CA — Contact Solutions Group (CSG) of Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) and Atg Luther & Maelzer Group (atg-LM), another ECT company, are showcasing the company's latest test solutions. CSG is exhibiting its entire range of Contact Solutions, Ostby-Barton and Pylon Pogo® pins, addressing ...
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ACE: New High Speed Selective Soldering

Spokane Valley, WA — ACE Production Technologies is presenting its new next-generation KISS-205 fully in-line automated Selective Soldering system. The system effectively splits the process of fluxing, pre-heating and soldering to significantly gain productivity by reducing TAKT by up to 50 percent ...
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AIM Intros New Solder Paste, Delivers Paper

Cranston, RI — AIM is introducing its new NC259 Solder Paste chemistry — NC259 Solder Paste — which has been developed in response to many issues that manufacturers face every day. According to the company, it is the first low-cost, lead-free, halogen-free solder paste to offer the performance ...
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All Flex: Free Flex Circuit Design Course

Northfield, MN — All Flex Flexible Circuits has added an online design course, "Designing Flexible Circuits", authored by John Michael Pierobon, an electronics industry expert and writer who has also taught numerous technical courses throughout the world. The company is sponsoring this on-line course for the ...
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Flying Scorpion Stars for Acculogic

Maple Grove, MN — Acculogic Inc. is showcasing its FLS 980Dxi Flying Scorpion, the only patented double-sided, multi-probe (22) flying probe system with 3-D probing, analog, digital and boundary scan test capability on all probes (both top- and bottom-side).
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Aqueous Technologies Unveils New Trident Model

Rancho Cucamonga, CA — Aqueous Technologies Corp. is unveiling its new Trident X high yield zero-discharge defluxing system. According to the company, the new system represents the industry's greatest advancements in cleaning and defluxing technology in more than a decade. Trident X will offer users ...
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ACD: Domestic EMS Plus Offshore Manufacturing

Richardson, TX — ACD, an EMS supplier, recognizing that its customers outsource their manufacturing needs for several reasons, is highlighting its offshore manufacturing services. Among those reasons are reducing cost, maintaining focus on core competencies, and to leverage similar business processes ...

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