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A New Breed of Salesperson

San Francisco Circuits is a full a full service PCB supplier, but it's not in San Francisco; it's in San Mateo, about 40 miles south of the cable car city, on the way to San Jose. The company was founded six years ago as a prototype supplier, but soon grew out of that limited format. As customers grew, the company grew with them to the point where today the company has extended its service offering to include production as well. The company is now able to support customers with everything they need from the layout of the PCB, to fabrication, all the way through assembly. The company does stack-ups and DFMs and focuses on providing customers with the best possible engineering assistance. Included in this help is advice on PCB manufacturability. San Francisco Circuits is now considered a team of one-stop PCB experts.

One the reasons that SF Circuits spends so much time finding and training the best sales people is that it wants people who care about doing a great job — people who sincerely care about customers and the product they receive. "Good enough" doesn't work for SF Circuits. From the very first point of contact, the company makes the extra effort to make the entire process as pleasant as possible for the customer. Customers get their quotes quickly, their questions get answered quickly, their boards arrive on time, and the board quality is excellent. It's important for everyone in the company to be outstanding and to give outstanding service. "Typical" doesn't adequately describe Sam Danovich, one of the bright young people on the SF Circuits sales staff. He looks at our industry with the clear-eyed perspective of someone who actually believes that there is something there worth pursuing, that there is an opportunity to make a difference, to contribute something meaningful to the industry and the world.

As Director of Business Development, Sam is in charge of getting new customers and making sure they're more than satisfied with the quality, service, and overall experience of working with the company. He has input in the company's marketing efforts and holds weekly sales workshops to ensure that the team is trained correctly to take care of its customers.

Sam is the son of Alex Danovich, who owns the company; he's the founder and president. Because his father was in the business, Sam has been around the PCB industry for most of his life. He is a rare person; he insisted that he wanted to be involved in this industry from the very beginning. "I grew up around the Industry," he explains. "My father has worked with PCBs my whole life so even growing up I was always around the business. I remember even as a little kid going to PCB company picnics. I really got serious about the business when my Dad started his own company in 2005. I wanted to be a part of that from the very beginning. I started out by interning, doing the basic things like filing and database entry.

With a college degree in his pocket, he was offered a sales position with San Francisco Circuits and was off and running. "It's exciting, fast-paced, and challenging. I'm surprised there aren't more young professionals in it, but I have a feeling that will change," he said.

When it comes to sales, cold calling seems to be a lost art. It has become a rarity to be able to convince sales people to cold call new potential customers. All too often, industry sales veterans will say that they are now "too old" to do any more cold calling. They may say that they have "paid their dues in the past and now don't have to do it anymore". But cold calling is such an integral part of salesperson's job description that you're not really a sales person if you don't do it. Yet many young people who are new to sales seem to embrace cold calling and lead generation as the most rewarding part of the job. People like Sam Danovich are actually quickly becoming experts when it comes to the art of cold calling. As Sam says, "There are a few ways I do cold calling. First, I work in Silicon Valley; every day as I drive to work I see building after building with the names of potential customers. I use the Internet to get their phone numbers and work from there. Second, a satisfied customer is the best lead generator you can ask for. When I contact our customers and make sure they were able to meet their deadline and if their boards worked the way they were supposed to. They'll gladly give me a number of someone they know who could benefit from our services as well."

Contact: San Francisco Circuits, Inc., 1660 S. Amphlett Blvd., #200, San Mateo, CA 94402 650-655-7202 fax: 650-655-7206 E-mail: Web:

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