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Taking Pride in Operations and Employees
Part of the medical assembly operation.

As a leading provider of service solutions as well as a nonprofit organization and leading employer of people with disabilities, PRIDE Industries strives to meet the manufacturing and facilities services needs of business and government agencies nationwide. PRIDE creates jobs for people with disabilities in its own businesses and by partnering with others in the community.

Founded 45 years ago by a small group of parents who wanted their adult children with disabilities to have an opportunity for meaningful work, PRIDE has grown to employ more than 4,200 individuals including 2,400 individuals with a wide range of disabilities. Today, the company's core lines of business not only support the mission of creating good jobs for people with disabilities, but they also deliver innovative solutions that reduce cost and add value for customers nationwide.

Those at PRIDE understand that disability does not mean inability, and that employment builds confidence, self-reliance and dignity. For 45 years, PRIDE Industries has been successfully preparing people with disabilities for employment and more independent lives.

Customers Are Partners
Every employee of PRIDE understands that the company's customers — partners in its mission to create meaningful jobs for people with disabilities — come to PRIDE for results. Each customer measures performance excellence in different ways: increased quality, improved efficiency, better value, customized solutions or greater flexibility. And these are among the many ways PRIDE creates customer value. It also creates social value when it helps individuals move from dependence to the greater independence and higher self-esteem that comes with earning a paycheck.

"While our customers come to us first for quality and service at a fair price, they also share in our social mission. By partnering with PRIDE, our customers help to create opportunity for those most often excluded from employment," said Audrey Farrington, VP, Marketing & Communications at PRIDE Industries. "People with disabilities are unemployed at a rate four times greater than the general population."

PRIDE Industries delivers outsourcing manufacturing and facilities solutions that help business and government stay focused on their goals. Customers range from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies, from local government offices to large federal agencies and secure military installations across the country.

Hi-Tech Markets
Manufacturing market segments include computing, industrial, aerospace, medical and alternative energy. Because PRIDE's customers' operations are diverse and complex, its customized service offerings span several categories that work either independently or together. Dedicated project engineering teams analyze for manufacturability, test and repair, while account management teams develop an in-depth understanding of each customer's unique requirements, customizing solutions to match their specific needs. PRIDE project teams stay in constant communication to refine its services so that they remain aligned with customers' constantly changing needs and objectives.

As part of its manufacturing and logistics services, PRIDE Industries offers specialized, state-of-the-art solutions in electronics contract manufacturing and Class I and II medical device manufacturing. As a single-source, full-solutions provider, the company saves its customers time and money with a full range of flexible, scalable services that match their needs exactly, including packaging, assembly, and award winning fulfillment and supply chain services. Ranked #3 on the Sacramento Business Journal Book of Lists among the Top 10 Manufacturers in the Sacramento Region, its solutions work for both small business and Fortune 50 companies.

Whether a small manufacturer or a large corporation, PRIDE Industries has the logistics capabilities, warehouse distribution and global sourcing expertise required for just-in-time deliveries and budget-friendly solutions.

Tier-One ERP
The organization's tier-one ERP technology system helps to streamline processes and communication by integrating supplier management, inventory controls, production resource planning and sales order management. Most importantly, PRIDE delivers the quality standards that are required in today's industry. As a manufacturing partner, the company combines experience, equipment and technology with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified quality systems, dedicated engineering teams, and responsive service. Its results have won best practices recognition from some of the world's leading corporations. In fact, PRIDE Industries was named Hewlett Packard's 2010 Service Supplier of the Year.

Juki Automation Systems, one of PRIDE's partners, recently sold two high-speed flexible lines to the company. As part of the agreement, PRIDE Industries will purchase a KE-2070 system and a KE-2070/2080 system from Juki, who will use the profits from the sale to donate a JX-100 placement system.

"Juki is proud to support PRIDE Industries; we admire its philosophy, mission and high standard of quality," said Carlos Eijansantos, Juki Automation Systems' Western Regional Sales Manager. "To be associated with PRIDE Industries is an honor that we do not take lightly, and we are pleased that our technologies can help advance its business."

Juki's President Bob Black adds, "Juki is honored to have PRIDE Industries as a customer. I visit many companies every year but the impact of my first visit to PRIDE is still with me. This company does great work in providing quality jobs and a great working environment for its employees. Our goal at Juki is to help support PRIDE now and in the future in any way we can to help them continue their mission."

Satisfied Partner
Another satisfied partner is Nordson DAGE. PRIDE Industries recently purchased an XD7600 Ruby X-ray inspection system from Nordson DAGE. One of the company's flagship X-ray inspection systems, the XD7600 Ruby uses the latest technology, flat panel detector to provide the highest quality real time X-ray imaging. The unique Nordson DAGE NT maintenance-free, sealed transmissive X-ray tube, providing 100 nanometer (0.1µm) feature recognition and up to 10 watts of power, together with the 3 Megapixel longer lifetime CMOS flat panel detector makes these systems the crystal clear choice for the greatest performance and highest magnification of real-time imaging. "Nordson DAGE is always pleased to be selected as the system of choice," said Hal Hendrickson, Nordson DAGE's Sales Director — Global Accounts (X-ray). "We are particularly pleased to be working with PRIDE Industries because it fills a significant need in our industry and in the culture. The work PRIDE is doing is both important and worthwhile, and we hope to continue to support the company as it grows and becomes more successful in its mission." PRIDE Industries goal is simple: it wants to be the first place that customers turn for their outsourcing service needs and to know that their customers feel completely confident that it will meet those needs at a level that exceeds their expectations.

Contact: PRIDE Industries, 10030 Foothills Blvd., Roseville, CA 95747-7102 916-788-2100 E-mail: Web:

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