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Publication Date: 03/1/2012
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Ticona's Vectra Used to Make 3D Chip Carrier
Sulzbach, Germany — Ticona's Vectra LCP liquid crystal polymer has been specially developed for electronic circuits on 3-D injection moldings produced with a Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) process. Newest application of the product is in a joint effort of 2E mechatronic GmbH and Co. KG. The two companies have designed a 3-D molded interconnect device (MID) flow sensor for air conditioning systems.

The 2E mechatronic MID component is injection molded entirely from Vectra E840i LDS, a laser-activated grade that Ticona specially developed for use with the LPKF Laser and Electronics AG LDS process. The tracks on the 12-by-10-by-6-millimeter device are etched with LPKF laser equipment that selectively activates the laser-sensitive additive in the Ticona LCP.

Vectra E840i LDS, the newest MID specialty grade from Ticona, is 40 percent mineral filled with special LDS additive; it is reflow solderable, and is more isotropic than typical glass-filled LCP. According to the company, Vectra E840i LDS enables efficient production of 3-D chip carriers when using the LDS process. Specific areas of the component are activated by LPKF laser to create a circuit pattern that is subsequently electrolysis plated to form conductive tracks.

The advantage of this process is its great flexibility, especially for sensors, microphone modules or ring contacts that can be produced directly and cost-efficiently in low volumes. If the layout of the conductor tracks has to be changed, it is only necessary to reprogram the laser.

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