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Publication Date: 03/1/2012
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Sonobond Ultrasonic Bonders Used for Body Armor
SeamMaster ultrasonic bonding system.
West Chester, PA — Sonobond's SeamMaster High Profile Ultrasonic Bonder uses a rotary system for rapid ultrasonic sealing, sewing, and trimming of synthetic fabrics. Its production speeds are up to four times faster than conventional sewing machines and 10 times faster than adhesive methods. Fraying or unraveling of bonded edges and seams are virtually eliminated.

Similar in general appearance to traditional sewing machines, the SeamMaster High Profile Bonder uses a large wheel with a high clearance above the bench to provide fast, easy access for bulky materials and hand-guided operations.

The result — this Sonobond ultrasonic bonder is suitable for sealing the outer nylon shell of body armor to protect the ballistic-resistant material inside. Seams bonded by this machine are so perfectly fused and sealed that they pass the current National Institute of Justice (NIJ) submersion tests imposed by NIJ-0101.06.

These latest standards for wet conditioning require protection from submersion for 30 minutes, rather than protection from a spray shower.

The company offers another machine that makes the assembly of body armor faster, easier, and more cost-effective. The SureWeld 20 PlungeBonder is powerful and able to seal large, multiple-layer or difficult-to-bond materials. It has custom tooling that makes it suitable for ultrasonically bonding coated synthetic straps within the seam of a ballistic vest's outer shell. This is done without compromising the integrity of the ultrasonically sealed outer shell. The bond is made in one pulse without stitching, heat-sealing, or adhesives. The entire process is energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

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