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Publication Date: 03/1/2012
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JBC Tools Unveils New Rework Tools
Soldering/desoldering workstation with TFT screen.
St. Louis, MO — JBC Tools, Inc. is officially launching its new range of innovations, showcasing the new TFT station that allows access to the menus by touching the screen to change parameters, ensuring total soldering control. Standard features include sleep mode and hibernation, in addition to the standard features that the company's soldering stations are known for.

The high resolution 3.5-in. (89mm) TFT touch screen can reproduce videos with a very high quality, as well as microscope images via USB, and graphics.

An intuitive user interface enables quick access to the main menu for viewing and changing parameters. In addition, users can obtain information about the power supplied to the tool and temperature of the tip in real time.

Apart from the typical applications, the TFT station incorporates some additional applications such as power and temperature graphics, clock, calendar, calculator, notebook, alarm, and unit converter. The station also permits connection to other devices including digital thermometers and the Ethernet using the RJ-45 connector, enabling software updates, monitoring of the equipment and remote control of all the stations connected to the Internet.

The company is also showcasing its new PH Infrared Preheater that heats PCBs from below, allowing hand soldering to be completed much faster and at lower soldering tip temperatures. As a result, solder tip life is increased and there is a reduced risk of thermal stress on components and PCBs. The preheater incorporates a Teaching function that utilizes a thermocouple for the first PCB to enable profiles to be learned quickly. For subsequent work on the same type of board, the use of the thermocouple is not required, greatly reducing work time.

Contact: JBC Tools, Inc., 9296 Dielman Industrial Dr., St. Louis, MO 63132 866-429-5753 fax: 866-429-5754 E-mail: Web:

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