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Publication Date: 03/1/2012
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ERSA Intros New Stencil Printer
Versaprint F1 stencil printer.
Wertheim, Germany — Ersa has launched its latest screen printer: the VERSAPRINT F1. The new machine is designed to fit right into the production line, and will reportedly satisfy the most demanding of product specification requirements.

The printer is equipped with an area camera that uses two separate camera modules. Each module has two illumination sources: axial and diffuse, which makes it possible to recognize even the most complicated structures on the substrate. The stencil cleaner is a standard feature as well, combining wet, dry, and vacuum cleaning. Options include PCB inspection for paste coverage, short-circuits and print offset as well as stencil inspection for clogging and smearing.

The new system is highly flexible and can be equipped to precisely meet the customer's production needs, including: setup monitoring, data matrix code reader, retractable hold-down devices, air conditioning and board dispenser.

The VERSAPRINT F1 machine concept is completely new on the other hand.

In designing the all-new machine, more space was added between stencil and PCB to integrate new features which continue in development. The camera still moves between both media. In the F1 printer the stencil is aligned and lowered onto the PCB for the print. What is new, however, is that the stencil can move much higher up after printing, thus creating much more space between board and stencil — space that can be used to add new options.

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