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Publication Date: 03/1/2012
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Renishaw Intros Versatile New Gaging System
"Equator" measuring system.
Hoffman Estates, IL — Renishaw's Equator is a radical new alternative to traditional dedicated gaging, filling a gap in the market never before addressed. It is more than just a new gaging system, it marks the launch of the company's first gaging product line.

The patented low-cost design, unique in construction and method of operation, is capable of high-speed comparative gaging for inspection of high-volume manufactured parts. It has been developed and proven on the shop-floor in collaboration with industry-leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and medical sectors. The result is a lightweight, fast and highly repeatable gage that operators can use with "push-button" simplicity. Equator can switch between parts in seconds, making it especially suitable for flexible manufacturing processes or accepting parts from multiple machines. Based on an easily scalable and adaptable "parallel kinematic" structure, Equator's patented principle allows high speed scanning and rapid moves between features, while retaining stiffness that delivers impressive point-to-point repeatability, critical for accurate gaging.

Installation of an Equator can be performed in minutes, and an operator can switch between gaging of different parts in seconds. Reconfiguration of the gaging system to accommodate part design changes, or to measure new parts, is possible in a fraction of the time needed for conventional custom gaging, using industry standard DMIS programming.

Equator systems are available with two levels of software, a programmable version for production engineers to create DMIS programs and, at a lower price, a shop floor system which allows those programs to be executed but prevents operators from making modifications.

Both software levels include easy-to-use MODUS Organizer operator front-end software. In the programmable version, MODUS Equator programming software allows engineers to rapidly create gaging routines for any part — simple or complex, prismatic or free-form. The software has the ability to easily program scanning measurements and touch points, using the industry-standard Renishaw SP25 compact scanning probe. Scanning allows thousands of data points to be taken to define a feature for true form analysis.

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