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Publication Date: 03/1/2012
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Aehr: Full-Wafer Contactor Testers

Fremont, CA — Aehr Test Systems has shipped its 100th full-wafer contactor for use in its FOX family of products for wafer sort test and wafer level burn-in applications.Read More
ASI: Finger Safety Light Curtains

Mechanicsburg, PA — Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. (ASI) has released a line of Type 4 finger safety light curtains. The integrated light curtains for finger protection have a maximum operating distance of 6m, controlled heights ranging from 150 to 1800mm and a 14mm resolution. Read More
Binder: Connectors with Dip Solder Contacts

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA has added 7/8-in. (22.2mm) panel-mount connectors with dip solder contacts to the Series 820 and 870 connector family. With the dip solder contacts the connectors can now be mounted to a PCB board. The connectors are especially well suited for power supplies, Fieldbus and ...Read More
B&K Intros 2 New Digital Storage 'Scopes

Yorba Linda, CA — B&K Precision has introduced two new digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO) and completely refreshed its DSO portfolio. These new oscilloscopes, models 2540B and 2542B, offer bandwidths of 60MHz and 100MHz respectively with 1GSa/s sampling rates. Both models are equipped with significant ...Read More
Calex: ConTech Switching Supplies

Concord, CA — ConTech, a Division of Calex Mfg., has introduced the "CM25" Series of AC/DC switching power supplies. The CM25 Series offers 25 Watts of fully regulated output power in a chassis mount case, which makes it well suited for a variety of applications. Read More
CAS Data Loggers Use E-Mail

Chesterland, OH — With their latest firmware release, dataTaker DT8x data loggers now offer built-in e-mail support for alarms and sending data when connected via Ethernet. This capability is also available in dataloggers with a built-in cellular modem. Users can follow 2 easy steps to configure ...Read More
Cicoil Cables: Hi Reliability for Military

Valencia, CA — Cicoil's highly flexible and durable flat silicone cables are designed for use on Unmanned Ground-Based Military Robotic Vehicles that require absolute reliability in Mission Critical and Extreme Environment Conditions. Unlike bulky and stiffer round cables, these flat silicone cables ...Read More
Cognex Intros 1st Wireless Industrial ID Reader

Natick, MA — Cognex Corporation has introduced a new wireless version for its next-generation DataMan® handheld industrial ID scanner, the DataMan 8000 series. The new wireless communication module and base station with Cognex Connect capabilities is now available for users with extended range ...Read More
Conveyor Technologies Intros Low-Profile Conveyor

Milford, OH — New from Conveyor Technologies is its Advanced Aluminum Conveyor Stand — which provides wide-stance leveling pads for increased stability, along with a user-friendly mounting arrangement that allows leveling adjustment with pads bolted to the floor. Read More
CW Intros Heavy Duty Mini Rocker Power Switch

Southampton, PA — CW Industries has introduced a new miniature rocker power switch rated at 8Amps at 250VAC for use in product sold in Europe that require VDE approval and have contact gaps greater than 3mm. This switch is available in DPST construction and is RoHS-compliant.
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Enercon: Plasma Surface Treatment

Menomonee Falls, WI — Enercon Industries' Plasma4 surface treatment technology. This new pretreatment technology is acknowledged for breaking ground in productivity, ecology and economy. Read More
Fabrico Forum Advises on Adhesives

Kennesaw, GA — Fabrico is a service company that provides design and manufacturing services for flexible materials and bonding, joining, and sealing solutions. It has introduced a forum that provides designers and engineers with information on structural adhesives. Read More
Fujipoly Offering Tech Info Videos

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly America has launched a You Tube channel that will provide engineers with 24/7 access to useful technical information on Thermal Interface Materials and Elastomeric Connectors. The company's first video post includes a demonstration of how to properly select a thermal gap filler ...
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Optimized CAM Software from Geometric

Scottsdale, AZ — Geometric is introducing its latest CAM software package, CAMWorksXpress, an excellent solution for programmers and machinists, as well as new users, who are looking for an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use 2.5D machining CAM package. The product is described as powerful yet inexpensive ...Read More
LED Supplies from Green Watt Power

Concord, CA — Green Watt Power, a Division of Calex Mfg., has introduced the "GLC-100" Series of constant current AC/DC LED power supplies. The new power supplies provide universal AC input voltage range of 100 to 277VAC, along with stable and reliable 100W output power. The supplies are available ...Read More
Upgraded Metrology Software from Heidenhain

Schaumburg, IL — Heidenhain is introducing the latest version of its PC-based QUADRA-CHEK Metrology software providing advanced functionality for inspection measurement machines. This software makes it possible to conveniently perform 2-D and 3-D measuring tasks in the field of metrology when standard ...
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Heyco Intros Liquid-Tight Cord Grips

Toms River, NJ — New from Heyco Products, Inc. are its Heyco®-Tite Hybrid Liquid Tight Cordgrips with PG or Metric Hubs. For use in clearance or threaded holes, the Cordgrips provide the durability of a nickel-plated brass enclosure with drastically lower installed cost and more secure wire gripping ...Read More
Ironwood Intros 16 x 16 BGA Socket

Burnsville, MN — Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new high performance BGA socket product line using special elastomer capable of high speed, low inductance, high endurance and wide temperature applications. The SM-BGA-9006 socket is designed for 16 x 16mm package size and operates ...Read More
Self-Adhesive Bumpers from Keystone

Astoria, NY — New from Keystone Electronics Corp. are crack-resistant, molded Polyethylene, self-adhesive bumpers equipped with high-strength adhesive backing. The bumpers guard against vibration and slippage on equipment, chassis and panels.Read More
Laser Lenses Get Cleaning Kit from Laser Research

Providence, RI — A lens cleaning kit that includes everything necessary to remove spatter and blowback from CO2 laser optics to extend the working life of lasers is available from Laser Research Optics.
The LRO Advanced Optical Cleaning Kit was developed to let users remove spatter and blowback in the field to prevent damage to coatings, extend lens life, and improve laser
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