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Publication Date: 03/1/2012
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Martin Shows Affordable Rework Solutions

Tempe, AZ — Martin is showcasing its Minioven Reball/Prebump unit, Expert 10.6 rework system and Clever Dispense unit. The Minioven 04 provides a reflow environment in a compact, standalone unit and is suitable for pre-bumping QFNs and reballing BGAs and CSPs. The efficient hot gas circulation ensures ...Read More
Microscan: Machine Vision Products

Renton, WA — Microscan's AutoVISION machine vision product suite is relied upon by Electronics manufacturers to provide machine vision that ensures accurate board assembly and achieve "cradle-to-grave" traceability.
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Nano Stencil Coating from Microscreen

South Bend, IN — MicroScreen is bringing more options to better assist in all stencil needs,. The company now offers a Nano/Fluxophobic coating for laser cut stencils. This two-part material (primer and coating) is applied to the contact side to make the stencil flux-repellent. Read More
Mirtec: Full Range of AOI, SPI, X-ray

Oxford, CT — Mirtec is rolling out its entire line of 3D AOI, SPI, X-ray and LED inspection systems. First in line is the company's MV-7xi 2D/3D In-Line AOI Machine. According to the company, this technologically advanced system combines the company's exclusive 15MegaPixel 2D ISIS Vision System with ...Read More
Nihon Superior Intros New Lead-Free Solder

Osaka, Japan — Nihon Superior Co. Ltd. is introducing the latest addition to its SN100C lead-free solder series, a flux-core wire solder. The new 551CT formulation combines the benefits of the SN100C high reliability alloy with a sustained activity cored flux. The 551CT core flux is formulated for ...Read More
Nordson DAGE Intros X-Plane to U.S. Market

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK — Nordson DAGE, a division of Nordson Corporation, is introducing X-Plane to the U.S. market for the first time. This new option for the company's range of X-ray inspection systems uses a proprietary, patent applied for, tomosynthesis, or CT technique to create ...Read More
OK Int'l Intros New Advance Package Rework Solution

Garden Grove, CA — OK International is unveiling the new Metcal Scorpion Rework System, designed to meet the challenges of array package rework, and the accurate placement of BGAs, in particular. This BGA placement called for a solution that allowed for simultaneous viewing of Printed Circuit Board ...
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Photo Stencil Offering Stencils in VectorGuard Frames

Colorado Springs, CO — Photo Stencil, LLC, a full-service provider of high-performance stencils and tooling, now makes available its full range of stencil products and technologies integrated in DEK's VectorGuard® frameless stencil tensioning system. This includes Photo Stencil's new NicAlloy-XT ...Read More
Production Solutions: Board Support Tooling

Poway, CA — Production Solutions Inc. is showing its new RED-E-SET SZ GO! — a cost-effective board support tooling solution designed for applications that do not require rigid fixed height support. Utilizing the company's patent pending design, the GO! is a hands- and tool-free support that requires ...Read More
PVA Shows 5 New Coating & Dispensing Solutions

Cohoes, NY — PVA (Precision Valve & Automation, Inc.) is showcasing its line of coating and automated dispensing equipment, as well as a variety of new options and accessories. Demonstrating the company's conformal coating capabilities is the PVA650 Selective Coating and Dispensing System with 4 ...Read More
Quik-tool Bottomside Support for Mydata Placer

Plainville, MA — Quik-tool LLC, manufacturer of a line of automatic PCB support systems, is introducing the custom fit tooling solution for MYDATA pick-and-place equipment.Read More
Vapor Phase Reflow from R+D

Burnsville, MN — Vapor phase manufacturer R&D Technical Services Inc. is showing its RD1 Batch Type Vapor Phase Reflow System. The unit uses vapor phase technology to provide consistent, uniform heat transfer for high quality reflow, curing and drying. The advanced reflow system was designed to accommodate ...Read More
BGA Solder Ball Inspection from ScanCAD

Littleton, CO — ScanCAD International is releasing its latest low-cost inspection system in its extensive family of process control tools. ScanINSPECT BGA provides a fast, simple, and user-friendly alternative to inaccurate and time-consuming manual inspection methods or expensive, slow, measurement ...Read More
SEHO Debuts AOI for Selective Soldering

Kreuzwertheim, Germany — SEHO Systems GmbH is highlighting the new AOI function for its best-selling selective soldering system — the PowerSelective — a system that can be embedded directly in the selective soldering process. The system is used for the detection of soldering defects such as ...Read More
Seika Launches Sawa Eco-Nozzle

Torrance, CA — Seika Machinery, Inc. is introducing the SC-EN20E Sawa Eco-Nozzle Mounter Nozzle Cleaner, which cleans 20 nozzles at a time. With the system, ultrasonically-vibrated water thoroughly passes through every nozzle opening. Double-cleaning power is generated with ultrasonic-energy cleaning ...Read More
Seica: Flying Prober, Laser Selective Soldering

Salem, NH — Seica Inc. is showcasing the Pilot V8 Flying Prober, the Firefly Laser Selective Soldering system, and the Compact TK Functional and In-Circuit Test system.
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VOC-Free Stencil Cleaning Chemistry from SmartSonic

Canoga Park, CA — Smart Sonic's 440-R® SMT Detergent is reportedly the only VOC-free stencil cleaning chemistry available. All other chemistries designed for cleaning solder paste from SMT stencils contain hazardous VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Because VOCs contribute to Global Warming, smog ...Read More
Ultrasonic Spray Fluxing from Sono-Tek

Milton, NY — Sono-Tek Corporation is demonstrating the SonoFlux Servo WS Ultrasonic Spray Fluxing System — a fully automated reciprocating ultrasonic spray fluxing system that is designed for spraying water soluble/organic acid fluxes. All of the wetted materials, including the pumping system ...Read More
SPEA: All-New Flying Prober

Volpiano, Italy — The brand new SPEA 4030 is the first flying probe tester designed to provide productivity comparable to bed-of-nails testers, with exceptional probing accuracy.
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Speedprint Intros New Screen Printer

Tampa, FL — Speedprint Technology is introducing the SP710avi to the North American market with a clear bottom, demonstrating the system's design simplicity and ease of maintenance. The advanced screen printer was designed to cope with the rigors of high-volume SMT production while incorporating ...Read More
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