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Small Parts Handling Kits from Virtual Industries
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Colorado Springs, CO — Virtual Industries Inc.'s Mini Vacuum Pumps for OEM applications (VMP1621CN and VMP1625MX) can be used for applications requiring air flow, vacuum or air pressure. Typical applications include air quality sampling, organic vapor analyzers, equipment requiring a vacuum source, or equipment ...
Cognex Dataman: Barcode Quantum Leap
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Natick, MA — Cognex Corporation has introduced its most advanced fixed-mount industrial ID reader — the DataMan® 300. The reader is designed to handle the most difficult ID code-reading applications on even the highest speed lines. These new readers dramatically increase barcode read rates and ...
Christopher: Hi Mag Tagarno Magnifier
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Santa Ana, CA — Christopher Associates Inc. is showing the Tagarno Trend. Since its introduction, the MAGNUS HD TREND from Tagarno has rapidly achieved industry acceptance as one of the most useful inspection and manufacturing tools in the industry. With magnification from 4 to 325X, HD imaging and ...
Computrol: EMS Services Meet AS9100C:2009
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Meridian, ID — Computrol, Inc. is a provider of mid- to low-volume, high-mix electronic manufacturing services to OEMs, including such technology services as turnkey electronics contract manufacturing; complete electronics assembly; single- and double-sided PCB assembly; cable assembly; wireless ...
LPKF: Latest Laser XCutters and Welders
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Tualatin, OR — LPKF is highlighting its UV laser systems, including the MicroLine 1120 S and 6120 S which are designed for depaneling populated PCBs. They are suitable for cutting break-out tabs and complex contours with the highest accuracy.
OK Int'l: New Metcal Scorpion Rework System
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Garden Grove, CA — OK International is giving a sneak preview of the new Metcal Scorpion Rework System. In addition to this exciting preview, OK is also displaying a wide range of its products including hand soldering and rework equipment, convection rework, fume extraction, and fluid dispensing ...
Practical Components: Dummy SMD Components
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Los Alamitos, CA — Practical Components and its sister company Practical Tools are showcasing their latest tools and technology including a selection of dummy SMD components, PCB boards and solder training kits with special emphasis on lead-free assembly.
TDK: EPCOS Low Profile Capacitors
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Iselin, NJ — TDK-EPC, a group company of the TDK Corporation, has developed a wide range of EPCOS MKP and MKT film capacitors with low insertion heights. The new capacitors, with a lead spacing of 37.5mm, present insertion heights of only 15 or 19mm.
Techspray Intros "Green" Equipment Cleaner
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Amarillo, TX — Techspray has introduced its ecologically-friendly Techspray Renew Pine-Shower Surface and Equipment Cleaner. Leveraging the cleaning power of pine, Pine-Shower quickly removes flux residues, grease and other soils, and leaves a non-oily finish. The cleaner is safe on ESD mats, work ...
Vision Engineering: New Measurement Microscope
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

New Milford, CT — Vision Engineering's new Kestrel Elite, 2-Axis Optical Measurement Microscope is designed to withstand the challenging conditions on the shop floor. It is a high accuracy, low investment system, designed to handle measurement and inspection capabilities.
New Digital Pressure Sensors from Sensirion
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Staefa, Switzerland — Sensirion AG has launched its new differential pressure sensors, calling them the SDP600 series. The new SDP6x6 sensor line features especially low energy consumption, making it suitable for long-term battery operation. The SDP606 and SDP616 sensors are designed to enter sleep ...
Staubli Intros Fast Picker Robot
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Duncan, SC — Staubli Robotics is introducing the TP80 fast picker, a new series of high-speed robotic pickers that deliver greater speeds, up to 200 picks per minute. The new product also provides greater flexibility at a lower cost to the packaging market.
QC Industries Intros Angled Conveyors
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Cincinnati, OH — QC Industries has added another component to its popular line of Automation Series Conveyors: AS40Z Angled Frame Conveyors. The new conveyors enable elevation changes that aren't possible with a flat conveyor.
Dual-Station Robotic Dispensing from Sealant Equipment
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Plymouth, MI — Sealant Equipment & Engineering's new Dual-Station XYZ Robotic Dispensing System is designed to improve adhesive dispensing and product assembly by eliminating problems such as the need to speed up production, adhesive out of position, too much or not enough adhesive, excess waste ...
Easy-Mount Kits for PC Modules from Keystone
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Astoria, NY — A new series of Hardware Mounting Kits for PC/104 and PC104-Plus Bus Drives suitable for limited space design/installation applications is among the latest developments from Keystone Electronics Corp.
LeCroy Unveils 60GHz Bandwidth 'Scope
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Chestnut Ridge, NY — LeCroy Corporation has introduced its LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscopes with chipsets that provide 36GHz bandwidth and sample rate of 80GS/s. This advanced new chipset reportedly represents technology capability well beyond that offered in other oscilloscopes. When combined with ...
Newport Oriel: UV Solar Simulator
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Stratford, CT — Oriel®, a Newport Corporation Brand, now offers the Sol-UV Solar Simulator, an advanced solar simulator for demanding photobiological applications such as testing over-the-counter sunscreen products' sun protection factor (SPF). The new unit simulates solar ultraviolet radiation ...
Plasma Cleaners from Plasma Etch
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Carson City, NV — Plasma Etch, Inc.'s PE-50 XL bench top plasma cleaner offers all of the features of the PE-50: both units come with an implosion-proof rectangular welded aluminum vacuum chamber, however the PE-50 XL has a larger chamber working area of 8 x 8 x 4-in. (203 x 203 x 101.6mm) for those ...
Keyence: First In-Line 2D Optical Micrometer
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Woodcliff Lake, NJ — New from Keyence, the TM-3000 2D Optical Micrometer provides significant technological for 100 percent automated high-speed, in-line or off-line measurement and inspection applications. The unit is designed to combine the functionality of a laser scan micrometer, machine vision ...
Hirox Intros New Digital Microscope
Publication Date: 1/27/2012

Hackensack, NJ — New from Hirox-USA is the KH-8700 digital microscope. According to the company, the new instrument is fast, easy to use and very high quality, providing fast operation and processor speeds.
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