Monday, June 25, 2018

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CLECO: Backward-Compatible Legacy Tools Xformer
Backward-compatible control transformer.
Sparks, MD — Cleco, a power tool brand from Apex Tool Group, has launched its new 544185PT Isolation Transformer. The product allows legacy 17, 47, and 67 Series power tools to be used with the advanced Cleco mPro400GC Global Controller, so users can get the flexibility, connectivity, and serviceability benefits of the latest design controller without buying all new tools.

According to the company, the new controller is the first of its kind offered for safety-critical assembly operations. It reportedly offers extraordinary levels of flexibility, connectivity, and serviceability, resulting in cost savings of up to 50 percent compared to traditional systems.

The controller has the flexibility to control up to 16 hand-held corded and cordless tools plus fixtured spindles in any combination from one controller. It provides universal connectivity, beginning with global auto-sensing input voltage and 16 configurable inputs and outputs. It is also fully serviceable for exceptional ease-of-use, weighing less than 30 pounds (15kg).

Contact: Apex Tool Group, LLC, 14600 York Rd., Suite A, Sparks, MD 21152 800-688-8949 fax: 800-234-0472 Web:

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