Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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AdoptSMT Enlarges Sales Territory in Europe for Hover-Davis
Grodig bei Salzburg, Austria and Rochester, NY — AdoptSMT Group Europe and Hover-Davis (USA) have agreed that AdoptSMT will immediately start stocking Hover-Davis feeders in their operations servicing Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. This is in addition to AdoptSMT's existing representation of Hover-Davis in the UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Greece.

The AdoptSMT Group has been worldwide agent for Hover-Davis for many years, providing new Hover-Davis tape feeders together with pre-owned pick-and-place equipment. More recently AdoptSMT offered a successful Feeder Trade-In program and sold feeders this way throughout Europe and also into the countries now added to their territory.

Contact: AdoptSMT Europe GmbH, Untersbergstrasse 1, A-5082 Grodig near Salzburg, Austria +43-6246-72440 fax: +43-6246-72550 E-Mail: info@AdoptSMT.com Web:

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