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Publication Date: 02/1/2012
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Electrolube Launches Conductive Epoxy and Underfill Resins
Silver loaded conductive epoxy.
Ashby de la Zouch, UK — Electrolube has introduced two new resin products — silver-loaded epoxy resin ESLE-10, and underfill resin ES501. ESLE-10 is a one-part silver-loaded epoxy resin used for conductive bonding, offering excellent mechanical bonds and electrical conductivity making it suitable for a number of applications including prototyping and repair.

Unlike many other resins, ESLE-10 is a single-part system that has an excellent adhesion to a number of substrates and can be used as a conductive bond between solder-free surface mount connections, solder repairs, static discharge and grounding or general conductive adhesions.

With a high bond strength and wide operating temperature of -30 to +130°C, (RoHS-compliant), the electrically conductive formulation offers the maximum in continuity of conductivity with an electrical resistivity value of <0.0005 ohm-cm.

A second innovative new product, underfill resin ES501, is designed to improve adhesion strength of devices during mechanical stress. The product will not degrade during thermal cycling. With its high flexibility, it provides enhanced repairability and is especially suitable for high volume assembly process. Although not yet launched in Europe, the product is already gaining interest within the industry because of its impressive features of fast, void-free underfill of area array devices, it ability to be re-worked and its snap curable properties. Adding to these benefits, the product provides excellent adhesion to substrates and outstanding electrical characteristics.

Typical curing time is 35-40 minutes at 90°C or 3 minutes at 150°C making the product is a good universal underfill resin.

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