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Publication Date: 02/1/2012
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Staubli Intros Fast Picker Robot
High-speed robot arm.
Duncan, SC — Staubli Robotics is introducing the TP80 fast picker, a new series of high-speed robotic pickers that deliver greater speeds, up to 200 picks per minute. The new product also provides greater flexibility at a lower cost to the packaging market.

This new robot represents the latest innovation, resulting in a robotic that is more agile and lightweight while delivering extremely fast cycle times and maintaining high precision with homogeneous repeatability throughout the entire work envelope. A simple base or wall mounting eliminates the need for a large, costly gantry, further enhancing the robot's cost effectiveness and ease of integration.

Additional advantages include a slim forearm for moving into slotted machine openings; harness and user lines feed through the Z-axis, and are all internal. The TP80 fast picker is also competitively priced, offering an economical alternative.

The new robot is available in a 4-axis version, offering great flexibility, depending on the user's needs. Standard features include a maximum payload of 1kg; 200 picks per minute (sustained); 800mm reach, and a Z-axis stroke of 100mm.

Additional features include very high rigidity, repeatability of ±0.05mm and IP65 Protection Class when equipped with bellows. User lines such as pneumatic (4 and 6 mm) and electrical lines (4 twisted shielded pairs) are protected inside the arm and are available at the tool flange. Optional features include two solenoid valves, user installation and bellows.

The robot is controlled by the CS8 controller series, a single control platform able to pilot all of the company's robots. Various VAL software packages are available and well suited for end users, integrators, OEMs and machine builders.

In addition to packaging, the robot is well suited to the needs of industries such as PV/solar power, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and food, to name a few. Typical applications include high-speed pick and place, assembly, material handling, packaging and machine tending.

Contact: Staubli Corporation, PO Box 189, Duncan, SC 29334 864-433-1980 fax: 864-485-5485 Web:

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