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Publication Date: 02/1/2012
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New WAGO Brochure Covers ProServe Updates
Brochure describes new software.
Germantown, WI — A new brochure highlights updates to WAGO Corporation's ProServe® Design, Assembly and Marking suite. ProServe consists of free professional-grade software, as well as plotters/printers that combine design and engineering tasks with the company's 25,000 products to create assemblies.

Revisions include new 6.0 software that utilizes a high-performance SQL server database, and expanded marking/design conveniences, e.g., AutoSave and SAP export options.

The brochure outlines how ProServe smartDESIGNER and productLOCATOR functions navigate the company's Electronic Interface, Terminal Block, Interconnect and Automation catalogs. It also details the generation of part lists, creation of drawings and 3D presentation of parts/assemblies. Also explained are ProServe smartSCRIPT and smartMARKING functions for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and terminal blocks. ProServe is compatible with industry-standard CAD/CAE systems and supports 18 languages for multinational projects.

Revisions to ProServe hardware include expanding compatibility with prominent hand-held printers and renaming existing WAGO printers. The 3M PL300 joins the DYMO RHINO 6000 hand-held printer in accommodating WAGO-exclusive 11mm-wide marking strips for TOPJOB'S lighting connectors and DIN-rail mount terminal blocks. The ProServe TP-343 printer has been renamed TTP-345 Thermal Transfer Printer.

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