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Publication Date: 02/1/2012
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Meeting Today's Die Sorting Challenges

As the demand increases for smaller, cheaper, and more efficient devices, process technology must evolve to meet the challenges these devices present. Manufacturers must take special care when handling these devices, some of which include MEMs (microelectromechanical systems) devices ...Read More
Root Cause Failure Analysis Improves Efficiency

Root cause failure analysis (RCFA) is the process of determining the source of a problem. In many industries, especially those involving complex machinery, it is common to use root cause failure analysis when problems occur. Why is RCFA so important? Efficiency and accuracy. When it ...Read More
When AOI Isn't Enough

By the Staff of Viscom
 Zollner Elektronik AG is the only German company listed among the top 15 electronics manufacturing services (EMS) manufacturers worldwide. The services offered by this company range from the development of electronic products to after-sales services.
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Consistent QC for Laser Plastic Welding

Laser plastic welding, a roughly decade-old assembly technology, includes its own resume of breakthrough applications. From micro-fluidic devices, created with extraordinary accuracy, to cleanroom class V applications, impossible with other welding methods. Laser plastic welding is ...Read More
Why Wedge Bond?

Wire bonding is an ultrasonic welding process that is accomplished by deformation of the wire and the substrate, forming them into an alloy of the two constituents. Ultrasonic energy enhances the process by lowering the flow stress and allowing easy slip mechanisms for dislocation movement ...Read More
Optical Inspection Made Easy

Quality visual inspection is still the primary means of ensuring that the finished product meets the manufacturer's standards for workmanship and operability. Discovering defects in the electronic assembly arena requires good visual inspection, which in turn calls for two basic elements ...Read More
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