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Publication Date: 02/1/2012
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BPM Intros New BitBlast Programming Technology

Houston, TX — BPM Microsystems' BitBlast is a Vector Engine Co-Processor® enhancement that is reportedly able to achieve the fastest programming speeds for high-density managed NAND devices that use the eMMC interface. By using its model 2800 with the new BitBlast technology, the company was able ...Read More
Christopher: Techtron's LED Panel Edge Coating System

Santa Ana, CA — Christopher Associates Inc. is introducing Shoda Techtron's UVP-630A edge coating system for LED substrates. Described as a unique solution for LED substrate manufacturers the new product applies a formulated UV curable coating to the edges of the substrate to prevent chemical attack ...Read More
Count On Tools Improves StripFeeder Trays

Gainesville, GA — Count On Tools Inc. has made improvements to its StripFeeder Trays for loading tape-and-reel components onto compact modules for prototyping and high-mix low-volume applications.Read More
DuPont: New Silver Conductor for Printed Electronics

Research Triangle Park, NC — DuPont Microcircuit Materials (MCM), a business unit of DuPont Electronics & Communications, has introduced its latest screen printed silver conductor material for the printed electronics market. Utilizing proprietary technology and under typical processing conditions used for many printed electronic applications, DuPont 5064H silver conductor ink provides resistivity less than or equal to six milliohms per square per mil, making it among the most conductive and cost-effective screen printed silver ...
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Electrolube Launches Conductive Epoxy and Underfill Resins

Ashby de la Zouch, UK — Electrolube has introduced two new resin products — silver-loaded epoxy resin ESLE-10, and underfill resin ES501. ESLE-10 is a one-part silver-loaded epoxy resin used for conductive bonding, offering excellent mechanical bonds and electrical conductivity making it suitable ...Read More
Ellsworth Launches DYMAX Conformal Coating

Germantown, WI — Global distributor Ellsworth Adhesives has launched DYMAX Corporation's E-MAX 903-E, a new light-cure conformal coating. The product will be distributed worldwide by Ellsworth Adhesives exclusively. It has been engineered to cure with UV and visible light using DYMAX's broad-spectrum ...Read More
ERSA: More Efficient Selective Soldering

Wertheim, Germany — Ersa has introduced the Ecoselect 1, a selective soldering machine requiring less than 3m2 of space — thus fitting well into cell production environments. The semi-automatic system uses the company's same successful and proven Selective Soldering Technology as in its ...Read More
High Thermal Conductivity from Epoxies' Potting Compound

Cranston, RI — The recently developed 50-2185 FR from Epoxies Etc. is a urethane potting compound that provides a low glass transition temperature, low durometer, high thermal conductivity, and flame retardancy. The new compound offers excellent heat transfer, low exotherm and excellent electrical insulating properties.

This unusual urethane system is especially suitable for potting of electronic assemblies where low durometer, thermal conductivity, and self-extinguishing are required.
Key features include low stress on sensitive components; thermal shock resistance; thermally conductive; flame retardant; ...
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JTAG Joint Effort: Testing & Training PCB

Eindhoven, The Netherlands — JTAG Technologies has taken what it calls a quantum step in training and demonstration equipment for real-world boundary-scan testing, device programming and related activities.
The new JT 2155 training board has been created in a co-operative effort with the Benelux regional representative of Altium — Transfer BV — and hardware development consultancy — ...
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Lab Proof: Seika SPR Unit Makes Pure Solder Ingots

Torrance, CA — An independent lab has confirmed that Seika's Solder Paste Recycling (SPR) machine is capable of producing pure solder ingots from solder paste.
The ingots produced by the SPR Unit are 100 percent pure with no additives or impurities added to the solder paste during the recycling process. The system removes the flux ...
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Multitest Probe for Contacting Integrity

Rosenheim, Germany — Multitest has introduced its Quad Tech, calling it the next generation of vertical contact technology. Its superior test yield and long probe life results in significant cost-of-test advantages.
Quad Tech uses a barrel-less architecture with four continuously engaged internal contact points. This design leads to excellent electrical and ...
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NJ EMS Supplier Upgrades with Universal Genesis Line Solution

Conklin, NY — S.W. Electronics and Manufacturing Corporation (SWEMCO), an EMS provider, has purchased a Universal Instruments Genesis Platform production line. The new equipment set was complemented with Universal's Dimensions® Line Manager shop floor control software. Both are now operational ...Read More
Omni PCB Debuts PCB Coffee Talk Webinars

Minneapolis, MN — Omni PCB, LLC, a nationwide manufacturers rep firm specializing exclusively in printed circuit boards, has introduced its new PCB training forum, PCB Coffee Talk. This series of 20-minute webinar "chats" with industry experts provides a fun, fresh way to learn more about printed circuit boards ...Read More
PentaLogix: One-Stop Shopping Design to Final Assembly

Lake Oswego, OR — PentaLogix, a leading software company known for ViewMate Gerber-viewer and SmartDFM design-rule-check software, is now able to service PCB industry needs from design through final PCB assembly through a network of well-chosen partnerships. This now allows engineers and purchasing ...Read More
Scheugenpflug Intros Dispensing Cell Station

Kennesaw, GA — New from Scheugenpflug AG is its DesktopCNCell, what the company describes as a novel concept for processing highly filled dispensing media with such high precision and repeatability accuracy.
The DesktopCNCell includes a proven fully-fledged piston dispenser capable of processing demanding media, such as thermally conductive pastes. The dispenser is mounted to ...
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Static Solutions: ESD Green Floor Finish

Hudson, MA — New from Static Solutions is a new Eco-Stat "green" ESD floor finish using new state-of-the-art space-age polymers. The new system is manufactured from polymers, and has no DM, no nonyls, is zinc-free, and has zero VOC per spec. Since it is zinc free it conforms to industry environmental standards ...Read More
Technic Intros New Mid Phos Electroless Nickel

Cranston, RI — Technic Inc. has released Technic EN AT5600, an electroless nickel developed specifically to eliminate black pad and to improve soldering on ENIG coated PCBs. The new product is reportedly the first electroless nickel that provides lateral growth on copper, yielding a flatter surface ...Read More
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