Monday, June 18, 2018
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Novatech Intros Precision Sig Gen
Programmable signal generator.
Seattle, WA — Novatech Instruments, Inc. is introducing the Model 425A, a precision 350MHz DDS signal generator packaged in a small shielded tabletop case. The instrument generates sine wave, LVDS, and LVCMOS output signals simultaneously.

The generated sine wave output frequency is directly programmable in 10microHz steps from 250kHz to 350MHz and includes a built-in prescaler and divider for generating low jitter LVCMOS clock signals down to less than 2Hz.

The signal generator uses the high performance AD9912 DDS IC which has 48-bit frequency tuning, 14-bit phase adjustment and a 14-bit reconstruction DAC. The high-resolution DAC enables the 425A to achieve low harmonic and spurious distortion. In addition, it has 10-bit amplitude control and an internal 1.5ppm temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) that can be phase locked to an external 10MHz reference. Locking to a reference gives the instrument the same stability and accuracy as the reference.

When multiple 425A units are locked to the same reference, they remain phase-synchronous. A direct clock input up to 1000MHz can also be selected.

The generator is controlled by short text commands to its serial port. Model SOF8_425 PC software is included, and provides menu selections for command generation along with the ability to run a sequence of commands from a user created file.

Contact: Novatech Instruments, Inc., P.O. Box 55997 Seattle, WA 98155-0997 206-301-8986 fax: 206-363-4367 E-mail: Web:

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