Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Epoxies, Etc. Develops New Polyurethane Adhesives
General-purpose adhesives.
Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. has developed four new polyurethane adhesives — general-purpose adhesives that are designed to bond a wide variety of plastic and metal substrates. The 10-2055 and 10-2055 HV (High Viscosity) adhesives produce a semi flexible bond with a resulting durometer of 55 Shore D. The 10-2080 and 10-2080 HV (High Viscosity) adhesives produce a semi-rigid bond with a durometer of 80 Shore D.

The flexibility of these adhesives allows bonding to substrates with high coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) and substrates with different CTEs. The Iso and Poloyol components are low in viscosity for easy handling and only increase in viscosity for flow control after they are mixed together. Both the 10-2055 and 10-2080 adhesives are packaged in the convenient TriggerBond® cartridges.

Contact: Epoxies, Etc., 21 Starline Way, Cranston, RI 02921 800-376-9437 or 401-946-5564 fax: 401-946-5526 E-mail: Web:

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