Thursday, June 21, 2018
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SIPAD Systems Inc. Adds Sales Partner for Northern California
Alpharetta, GA — SIPAD Systems, Inc. has entered into a marketing partnering agreement with K&F Electronics, which will act as a manufacturers rep for SIPAD in California. SIPAD solid solder deposit (ssd) replaces stencil printing with a more predictable, repeatable and dependable attachment method. Solder is applied to complex surface mount printed circuit boards and reflowed before components are placed. A rolling process then bonds the reflowed solder to the PCB. Adhesive/flux is then screen printed on the PCB, parts are placed, and it is reflowed again. The company runs a service operation that prepares PCBs for this process enabling the attachment of all surface mount parts including very small, fine pitch and blind termination components, by hand or machine, with perfect results. The service bureau offers SIPAD ssd coating services to OEMs, CEMs and PCB facilities throughout the U.S..

Contact: SIPAD Systems, Inc., 360-C Winkler Dr., Alpharetta, GA 30004 770-475-4576 fax: 770-475-1597 E-mail: Web:

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