Saturday, June 23, 2018
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K&F Electronics Adds Combo Stripper/Etcher
New combo stripper and etcher.
Fraser, MI — K & F Electronics has added a brand new Chemcut 547 XLI strip etch strip line. The new machine is expected to make the company's etching process even faster by adding a strip line to the beginning of the etch process. This will also permit etching very thin core PCBs.

Before the new installation, the company's strip line was separate from its etcher. The new machine has reduced the handling time required, since a single machine is replacing what had previously been a separate strip line and etcher.

It is anticipated that the new setup will not only save time for the company and its customers, but will help to keep a lid on costs. The company is currently performing time checks to determine how much of a price reduction it can offer to customers.

Contact: K & F Electronics, Inc., 33041 Groesbeck Hwy., Fraser, MI 48026 586-294-8720 fax: 586-294-5999 E-mail: Web:

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