Sunday, May 27, 2018
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CyberOptics Launches AOI Tabletop System
Tabletop AOI system.
Minneapolis, MN — CyberOptics Corporation has introduced its QX100 AOI tabletop system equipped with next generation image analysis software, AI2 (Autonomous Image Interpretation). The new system embraces the company's special image acquisition solution using the Strobed Inspection Module (SIM) and is capable of inspecting 01005 components and larger at 100cm/sec, making it the fastest tabletop system in the industry.

The system is powered by AI2 patented next-generation image analysis technique which exploits the latest advances in processor architecture. AI2 includes a robust statistical modeling engine providing superior defect detection capabilities, lowest false call rates and improved clarity of defect identification through Defect Pixel Marking. Designed to fully support unsupervised and semi-automatic model training, AI2 delivers incredibly fast setup times and a streamlined programming workflow. The QX100 system is also well suited to match production footprint requirements and fully comply with safety standards.

Contact: CyberOptics Corp., 5900 Golden Hills Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55416 763-542-5000 fax: 763-542-5100 E-mail: Web:

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