Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Chamberlain Group Acquires MUST III Solderability Tester
Solderability tester.
Chester, CT — The Chamberlain Group's Sonora, Mexico manufacturing facility has taken delivery of a MUST III Solderability Tester (wetting balance) made by GEN3. Ascentech LLC, the North American distributor for GEN3 Systems Ltd., installed the MUST III System — a wetting balance testing system capable of testing to all relevant solder standards including IPC, MIL-STD, IPC/EIA/JEDEC, etc.

The MUST System 3 measures the solderability of a printed circuit board and/or component's metallic terminations by documenting the wetting curve of the unit under test.

"The main reason why we decided to purchase the MUST III system was to obtain quantitative data to measure issues with poor solderability on purchased components," says Jesus Fernandez, Incoming Quality Manager at the Sonora facility. "In a manufacturing environment like Chamberlain's, where several suppliers and distributors are sourced, it is very common to have issues with components with high aging, resulting in poor solderability. Our MUST III system takes the uncertainty out the equation, and helps prevent assembly, quality, and product reliability headaches down the road," he added. The MUST System 3 is appropriate for testing all devices including multi-leaded components as well as SMT and BGA devices.

Contact: Ascentech LLC, 127 Goose Hill Rd., Chester, CT 06412 860-526-8903 E-mail: rallinson@snet.net Web:

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