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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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YXLON: Digital Laminography Breakthrough
Digital laminography system.
Hamburg, Germany — YXLON, a part of the COMET Group, has developed a groundbreaking new solution for more efficient, non-destructive testing of large, flat objects using digital laminography. This marks the latest step in the rigorous implementation of the company's technology development.According to the company, the innovation opens up new testing possibilities.

With this new, innovative process, YXLON has successfully realized a very special solution for investigating large, flat objects with extreme accuracy. The patent-pending system was developed by CT experts at the Hattingen location.

Laminography is a special X-ray technique, somewhere between a simple X-ray and computer tomography. Its applications include testing multilayer boards in electronic components. This new innovation and the use of the high-power, high-energy X-ray source developed by COMET (600kV), laminography can now be applied to large components with complex shapes.

The first laminography system has been supplied to China for testing parts used in its aerospace industry. This system makes it possible to detect structures measuring only a fraction of the diameter of a human hair on components with a size of several square meters. The method could also hold promise for other applications, such as the testing of plug-in contacts in oversized component carriers of printed circuit boards (PCBs) or for detecting production faults and signs of wear and tear in the rotors of wind turbine generators.

Laminography is a particularly efficient, reduced form of 3D X-ray testing. Unlike conventional computer tomography, an object is X-rayed from only a few different angles. The individual pictures produced are combined with each other to form a highly accurate three-dimensional picture of the object.

The YXLON product portfolio includes microfocus as well as conventional X-ray and CT technologies. It ranges from portable systems constructed for on-site application in the field to standardized modular solutions, complex, fully automated as well as customer-specified solutions, all the way to Feinfocus microfocus X-ray and fCT systems.

Contact: YXLON International, 3400 Gilchrist Road, Akron, OH 44260-1221 330-798-4828 fax: 330-784-9854 Web:

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