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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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Seica: Fast Prober, ICT and Boundary Scan
Pilot V8 is the latest flying prober.
Strambino, Italy — Electronic test solutions from Seica start with the Pilot V8 Flying Prober with automatic loader; continue with the innovative in-circuit and functional line tester, Compact SL. Then there is the Firefly Laser Selective Soldering system. In addition, the company's test equipment includes the latest technology — the RTE-200 Boundary Scan system, a combination of analog test and boundary scan performance.

The Pilot V8 is described as the only ATE flying prober with vertical architecture equipped with 8 drive/sense flying probes, two supply probes, two for the vectorless test, two cameras and two temperature sensors, able to execute in-circuit testing, functional testing, boundary scan, optical and thermal scan on every kind of printed circuit board.

When used for testing new PCBs from new production batches, the Pilot V8 offers extraordinary capabilities, because of its parallel test performance, allowing the simultaneous test of two PCBs, doubling productivity and offering test times comparable to the standard bed of nails tester.

When used for repairing boards from the field, the Pilot V8 also allows the preliminary reverse engineering during testing, making it possible to reconstruct CAD project data and the wiring diagrams of the product to be tested when these are not readily available for test program preparation.

The new Pilot V8 Automatic, designed for maximizing PCB high volume test yield, has a special conveyor for the automatic transport of the PCBs and, combined with an external loading/unloading area, allows the continuous use of the test system without a dedicated operator.

The new Compact SL in-circuit and functional testing system is expected to be popular for electronic boards manufacturing, particularly for the automotive industry, where ergonomics, small size and easy maintenance are essential features. Boards are handled by an automatic "pass through" conveyor, fully managed by the VIVA operating system — a core component of all SEICA ATEs — while the contact between the UUT and the test fixture is performed by a motorized press which is also fully automatic and programmable.

Compact SL is only 60cm large, but embodies the power of a complete test system that is expandable to over 3000 channels. The system has the ability to perform analog, digital and power testing, but also optical testing if equipped with cameras and/or optical fibers for the inspection of LCDs and luminescent LEDs.

The company's Firefly is a system able to offer a simple and flexible solution for selective laser soldering. Years of dedicated ongoing development have improved the "bottom" version Firefly B60. These improvements are evident in the new "top" system platform, the T60. This version is available with a soldering head from above or in another version that offers "top and -bottom" (Firefly TB60) with 2 independent soldering heads. The machine comprises two autonomous modules, each one equipped with its own laser source.

RTE-200 Boundary Scan is the perfect solution for those who wish to combine the performance of a powerful test system for functional analog test with those of a great Boundary Scan tester for digital components testing. The unit's compact size and standard 19-in. rack architecture allow the user to employ this test system as an independent desktop system, or as a tool to be integrated into a more complex apparatus to test electronic equipment and not individual boards.

Contact: Seica, Inc., 50A Northwestern Drive, Suite 10, Salem, NH 03079 603-890-6002 fax: 603-890-6003 Web:

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