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Publication Date: 12/1/2011
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Martin Shows Automated Rework
Automated rework solution.
Manchester, NH — Martin's Mini-Oven 04 Reball/Prebump unit is especially suitable for the complete QFN solder bumping process, even for the smallest pitches. Using an unusual hotprint technology, the mask is not removed after printing paste, but remains on the QFN during reflow.

The reballing function is capable of handling a diverse range of BGAs, as well as QFNs and CSPs. Processes can be completed in as little as three minutes. The simple rapid technology soldering profiles rigorously apply settings within the permitted thermal limits, heat at the highest advisable thermal ramp rates and maintain a safe temperature zone.

The system offers programmable modes and a nitrogen process gas supply. Up to 99 profiles can be accommodated, with the ability to edit individual profiles and fine tune parameters.

Martin is also showing the Expert 10.6, a cost-effective rework system with an intuitive interface, process repeatability and semi-automated operation. A leading-edge camera-driven alignment system provides a flawless solution for the automatic placement process. The hybrid platform combines both infrared and convection heating technologies to achieve outstanding board temperature uniformity, thus minimizing temperature-based PCB distortion.

Contact: Martin, 915 Holt Avenue, Unit 1, Manchester, NH 03109 603-627-8989 E-mail: Web:

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